Download A Printable Valentine’s Day Card

Printable Valentine's Day Card

Use this printable Valentine’s Day Card as a gift for your love! You can give this card as a voucher or a promise to go to Prague together soon, but don’t have to travel or book immediately!

How to use Printable Valentine’s Day Card:

1. Download it HERE –> Print it –> Fold it in the middle to create two pages and write your own wish inside the card.

2. Give it to your love on Valentine’s Day.

3. Agree on the best possible dates for you, choose apartment you like and book your Prague Apartment together!

* If you book until the 17th of February and write a “Valentine’s Day” info into the notes in the form above, we will decorate your prague apartment, as if it was a Valentine’s Day, including a bottle of champagne no matter when arrival dates are.


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