1. How would you briefly introduce yourself?

Hello I am Nikol and I am the residence receptionist. I provide basic and accurate information for guest so they can enjoy their stay in Prague.

2. What do you like most about your job?

The best is helping people.

3. What would you recommend to our guests in Prague?

I prefer nature than crowded streets. My favourite park is Havlíčkovy sady with wine yard where you can rest and taste the brilliant local wine.

4. What is your creed or motto in life?

“To like people and to love people, that’s all the secret and perhaps the only recipe for happiness. The one who only cares about himself, deprives himself of others, deprives others of himself, perish and die. – Jan Werich

5. Which apartment would you recommend?

Any Apartments in Smetanovo nábřeží with an amazing view to the Prague castle including wonderful sunset.

6. Your favorite Restaurant, Bar, Cafe in Prague?

My favourite places are at Krymská street.  The Krymská is famous street thanks to concentration of bars and restaurants. My favourite is Plevel it is healthy vegan and raw restaurant. Also you can find here Bar u Pilotů where you can drink untraditional coctails and Café v lese.


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