1. How would you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi, I am Barbora! I moved to Prague to study Japanese and I enjoy every day in this beautiful vibrant city.

2. What do you like most about your job?

I love the fact, that I can meet people from various cultures every day and help them to have an enjoyable stay. Walking the streets of Prague while at work is a great bonus.

3. What would you recommend to our guests in Prague?

There is a lot of history to see in Prague, but don’t forget about the nature that you can enjoy even in the city centre. Relax in one of the many parks and gardens around.

4. What is your creed or motto in life?

“It’s not about the place you go, it’s about the people you’re with.”

5. Which apartment would you recommend?

Each one of our apartments is unique and even after two years I myself still have a problem to choose “the one”. Do you feel like staring at the beautiful night view of Prague Castle? Or perhaps enjoy your morning cup of coffee on a private terrace?

6. Your favorite Restaurant, Bar, Cafe in Prague?

You could live in Prague and never get tired of exploring new restaurants and cafes! Treat yourself at Choco Cafe on Liliova street, or have a pint of locally brewed beer at U Tri Ruzi restaurant and brewery on Husova street, both located few steps from the Charles Bridge.


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