Keyless Entrance = Contactless Check-in

In the time when everyone values one’s health and safety more than ever, we in Bohemia Apartments are pleased to announce that our first project to make self check-in possible is now complete. We have installed a modern, secure, keyless system in our Prague Centre residence on Vodickova street just off the Wenceslas Square in the very core of beautiful Prague.

Keyless entrance and contactless check-in
SMART LOCK system, Bohemia Apartments, Prague Centre Residence

Advantages of contactless self check-in

✓ COVID-19 prevention

As by using keyless entrance there is no need to meet anyone to comfortably enter your temporary home, it makes self check-in a wise choice to prevent the spread of coronavirus while traveling.

✓ Comfort and Privacy

Are you traveling with a big luggage, or you are simply tired after a long travel? Now you do not need to worry about any key collection or extra steps that would delay your settling in the apartment. It is especially a pleasant option for those who do not feel like talking to strangers, or for families with children and pets that require a lot of attention during the trip.

✓ No keys, no losses

SMART LOCK system that we use works completely without keys. You might be travelling in a big group or with your family when it is more likely a pair of keys would go missing. In our Prague Centre apartments you can easily avoid such discomfort.

How does the keyless entrance work and how will my check-in look like?

Really simply. You will be asked to fill out your registration cards and settle all the payments necessary before your arrival. No more time wasting and hand writing at the reception! Everything can be done on your smart phone while still on the train. One of our assistants will then send you a code you will be using to enter the apartment. And don’t worry. Even though we might not meet in person, we are always available to respond to any questions or requests you might have during your stay. Our office is just a block away, so you can easily come by if you wish! We will always be happy to welcome you.

Self check-in, staff support.
We work in our office every day, ready to attend to your needs.


The code you will receive to open the doors is unique, generated for your group’s use only. Even though Prague is a safe city, with several doors to unlock before entering your apartment, we are sure you will feel at ease in the busy and unknown city centre.

More about Prague Centre residence

Historical on the outside, modern on the inside. Bohemia Apartments Prague Centre consists of four apartments located in a renovated building few steps from the Wenceslas Square. On Vodickova street you will find many café’s and restaurants, shops, theatres as well as a Metro station! It is also a short walk to the Old Town Square and well, close to just about everywhere you might think of going in Prague both on foot or by public transit.

Deluxe Apartment: families, friends, business partners. Apartment for everyone.

Apartments’ interiors are modern, bright and spacious. If you are looking for something very local, choose an apartment with a terrace facing courtyard. If you are looking for something unique, have a look at our attic apartment.

Grand Classics De Luxe 2BR

Luxurious 90 sqm spacious Prague apartment with high ceilings.

Vodickova Exclusive 2

Luxurious 90 sqm spacious Prague apartment with high ceilings.

Vodickova Exclusive 4

Two-bedroom Prague apartment with high ceilings and terrace.

Gold Classic De Luxe

Modern attic luxurious and spacious Prague apartment with air-conditioning.


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