1. How would you briefly introduce yourself?

„Hi! I am Boris. How may I help you :)?“

2. What do you like most about your job?

„I am fortunate to be a part of wonderfully balanced team. I enjoy family business feeling in our office and I like to meet interesting people from all around the world.“

3. What would you recommend to our guests in Prague?

„You should see everything you have time for and what interests you. In Prague is lots of to see so choose wisely, or simply visit Prague again next time.“

4. What is your creed or motto in life?

„To travel means to feel an experience, no to show an experience.“

5. Which apartment would you recommend?

„My personal favorite location is Charles Bridge in Old Town. If you like magnificent play of colors during sunset then our apartments in our Old Town residence might be right for you.“

6. Your favorite Restaurant, Bar, Cafe in Prague?

„There is so many good ones out there. It depends on your preferences. Do not hesitate to ask.“ :)






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