In Prague For Work? A Guide To Move Around And Keep Your Workflow

Whether you are a freelancer, digital nomad, or you simply travel for business a lot, you probably know the struggle of finding the right workflow while on the road. You need the right accommodation to get enough rest and privacy, you need a laptop friendly space with reliable internet connection. You need to be able to make international calls, to know how to move around the city, where to shop and where to eat. Sometimes, you have other people researching and managing this for you; either it is your employer or an external company. Another times, you are on your own. If you do this frequently, the chances are that you already figured out how to set yourself most effectively in each new location. Depending on your resources, social capital and budget, as well as the location you travel to, you might have very different options to make your work days smooth and effective.

Bohemia Apartments brings you a few tips how to get around Prague when coming here for a short period of time while you need to work. If you by any chance moving to Prague for a longer period of time, this article might be helpful, as well. 

Work remotely from Prague

1# Laptop friendly space

The place we actually work from is the first thing that usually comes to mind of people who travel for work. If you cannot work from your accommodation due to unstable internet or less space, or you simply do not want to stay all day long in your apartment, you will search for cafés and working spaces where you can comfortably hold all your tasks. This especially applies when you are about to have business meetings in Prague. Here are a few tips where to sit with your laptop and make the most of your working day. 


Vlkova 36, Prague 3
Pracovna is a working space with a café, where you can either comfortably hold your business meetings, or sit all day long and work on your tasks. For a fee you can use a table, printer, photocopier, internet connection and meeting rooms. If you need a proper office environment, this is definitely an option for you. Pracovna is located in Žižkov, reachable by tram no. 5, 9, 11, 15 and 26. 


Smetanovo nábřeží 334/4, Prague 1
SmetanaQ is a stylish café in the historical centre right next to Vltava river, with an amazing view on the Prague castle. Calm atmosphere, minimalistic design and spacious tables will make your workflow easy and smooth. In case you like having breakfasts outside, you will have a chance to choose from eggs and omelets, cakes and good coffee.
In this space, next to the café you can find a design shop and an art gallery. How the Czechs frequently like to say, here you can „combine the pleasant with the useful“. Deal with your work in the café and then go to check original Czech design, or visit an art exhibition! SmetanaQ is located one block from our apartments next to the Charles Bridge; so if you check in with us, you will have everything you need on top of your hand.

Quiet reading room in SmetanaQ


Bistro Špejle

Jindřišská 937/16, Prague 1
Špejle is a bistro located in Jindřišská street, right next to Wenceslas Square and our apartments in Harrachovsky Palace. This place operates on a principle of a tapas bar. They have spacious tables with sockets, so you can bring your laptop, or invite people over for coffee or drink and hold a meeting here. 

Cafe Spejle in Jindrisska, Prague 1


2# Telephone and data

There is a high chance that can handle all your communication through the Internet, whether its outside in town, or in your apartment. However, getting a local sim card can be handy, especially if you need to coordinate something in town and your international service is unavailable or inconvenient. To buy a sim card with prepaid tariff, the best is to visit one of the shopping centres or big supermarkets in the city. Also, you can get them in tobacco shops mostly. Be aware that with the sim card you often buy a package of certain number of text messages, data and calls.

3# Exchange money

For frequent travelers, getting the cash in chosen currency is an standardized process already – whether you withdraw from ATM, or exchange money in an exchange office. In Prague, you can certainly survive without cash, since many places take credit and debit cards, especially in big supermarket and restaurants in the city centre. You should be careful about the type of card you are using, since usually sellers accept mostly Visa and MasterCard. There are often problems with American Express, for example. However, if you want to make your time in Prague pleasant, having Czech crowns is advisable. If you bring your currency with you to the Czech Republic and need to exchange it for our currency, check the article about where to exchange money in Prague.

Czech Crowns and Euros

4# Transport and parking

Moving around is especially important when staying in the new city, and just a few information can avoid stress and confusion, or high fees put on you by controllers for buying the wrong ticket. Public transport in Prague is reliable and very effective. Except of peak hours, where means of transport can be a few minutes delayed, the timetables are accurate. Also, the night lines are very effective and you can be sure you can get around the city 24/7.


More convenient, but of course, more expensive, are taxis. Taxis in Prague are generally very costly, and there are specific price regulations applied to them. Make sure to know the regulations so you avoid paying more than required. Also, it is wise not to wave on a taxi on the street. Rather, call a trusted company or use Uber. You will have to wait a few minutes till the taxi comes to pick you up, but on the other hand, you will enjoy better service and pay less money.Taxi in Prague

If you like walking and have spare time, strolling the streets is an option when you stay in the city centre of Prague. Around the centre, you can get by foot almost everywhere, and enjoying beautiful views on top of that.

Parking your car in the city centre can be free only during specific hours during the week, usually nights and sundays. There are different zones with different rules. Generally, you should avoid blue zones to park your car, since they mark reserved spaces for residents. The safest parking is in big parking halls that are available almost on every corner.

The blue zone marks spaces reserved for Prague residents

5# Sport and healthy lifestyle

Some people need to keep their routine of working out even if they are traveling. If you are one of those sporty persons, you might think about how you will keep fit in Prague. Next to the option of exercising in your apartment, you can also go for a jog, even in the city centre. Even though the centre looks very busy, locals usually like to run around Vltava river or in the parks. „Náplavka“ used to be the place where the runners went a lot. Now they still do, but its good to go in the morning or when the weather is not very nice. Otherwise, this place is overcrowded with people having fun. But further from there, behind the Ferry bridge, a bicycle path continues through the whole city and ends literally out of Prague. Out of the centre you can also find simple free public gyms, for example next to Radlická sports centre or in the complex of office buildings near Nové Butovice metro station. Or, what about renting a bike? Even though Prague is not as flat as other European cities, biking is definitely the option, and it is both healthy and effective way of getting from A to B. 

Rent a bike

Also it is no problem for you to go to gym or swimming pool, even when staying around just for a few days. In Prague, it is common that you can pay for one time class; there is no need to subscribe in the sports centres. Also, recently, yoga classes are very popular, especially open air ones.

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6# Accommodation

Accommodation is probably the most important part of your business travel. Not sure whether to rent a hotel room or an apartment? Both definitely have their advantages and disadvantages. If you prefer lots of privacy and independence, renting the apartment might be an option for you. In Bohemia Apartments, we provide a laptop friendly spaces of various forms and sizes, where you have the chance to choose the apartment which exactly suits your needs. With your own private bathroom and kitchen, you will be the king of your own space.

Our studio apartment near Wenceslas Square


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