Why Ordering Coffee In Czech Can Be Tricky?

If you come to Prague regularly, this already may have happened to you. You just had a good meal, ordered your favourite espresso and got something that was more coffee lungo or americano! Or your waiter asked if you wish short espresso or long espresso. Or maybe you found piccolo on the menu and couldn’t really imagine what that actually is. Let us explain it to you.

The problem is, that even Czech people don’t always know. Somehow, wrong terms for serving coffee started to be used in Czech Republic many years ago.

Cap of Coffee

Piccolo – universal term for short coffee. Usually used for what is normally called espresso (30 ±5 ml), sometimes for ristretto (20ml).
Espresso (Czech version) – normally known as lungo (1-2dl).


But things are about to change:

Piccolo doesn’t exist!
Is a name of new movement for reinstallation of coffee culture in Czech Republic. Any coffee house or bar can download their printable infographics and display it in their bar. Step by step Czech people learn correct terms for serving coffee and in most of Prague cafés you already get it right. But there are still lot of confused waiters and customers. So if you order espresso and get czech espresso/lungo or you get questions from waiter that you don’t understand, please, be patient, we are in the middle of coffee revolution:)


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