Who is David Cerny?

Today, Bohemia Apartments Prague introduces you the Czech artist who is known primarily as the creator of a variety of controversial and provocative sculptures. For his art, he has won several awards, so he definitely deserves your attention.

David Cerny (born 1967) was graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Prague and after in Switzerland and especially in the USA. Most of his works, he managed to rock the boat of public opinion. Let us introduce only the most interesting. Why is it considered to be an artist, whose aim is to provoke? Judge for yourself.

David Černý embryo

David Černý – Embryo

His first major work of sculpture has become a Trabant on legs (Quo Vadis) – symbolic of the exodus of East Germans through the West German embassy in Prague. In 1990 the sculpture was placed at the Old Town Square. Another of his courageous act of painting was the legendary Soviet tank pink in Smichov. Is it any wonder that attracted attention and caused a scandal?

David Černý - Trabant on legs

David Černý – Trabant on legs

Let’s go. A statue of Sigmund Freud called Viselec – hanging one hand on the roof in Husova street in Prague. When the statue was mentioned lent to Chicago, even triggered the alarm. Police and firefighters had the thought to be a suicide..

Another noteworthy is a horse sculpture. It represents St. Wenceslas sitting on the belly of his dead horse. Today it is installed in the passage of the Lucerna Palace in Prague.

David Černý - Saint Wenceslas

David Černý – Saint Wenceslas

Contradictory responses also raised work entitled Babies babies. It is about 10 black babies crawling up the wall Zizkov transmitter. In 2009, the entire building, including babies identified as the second ugliest in the world.


On Prague’s Lesser Town in the yard Hergertovy brick sculpture is placed Čůrající characters. There are two male characters high 210 cm – operated by an electronic device that allows you to lift the penis so that the stream of water writes letters falling on the lake in the shape of the Czech Republic.

David Černý - The Piss Sculpture

David Černý – The Piss Sculpture

And we can continue. Controversy provoked his representation of Bulgaria (as a Turkish toilet) in the EU Council building in Brussels in 2009, during the Presidency of the Republic (Entropa). At the local Foreign Ministry strongly protested, and later the author apologized for his sculpture.

Some parts of David Cerny are famous abroad. As an example we can name a giant head with a height of 7 meters which is now in front of Quadrio shopping mall at Národní třída. A weight of 13 tons of moving parts, the author called Metalmorphosis. The unveiling ceremonial in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2007, was attended by Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg.


David Černý – Metalmorphosis

We could continue with the list of works that rightly attracts attention. Some people are excited, others disgusted. Hard to say whether good or bad that some of the artist’s ideas have not yet been implemented. To identify this unusual sculpture artist closer, do not affect the pictures and do a walk around Prague. When you see it by your own eyes, you will make your own opinion.

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