Where To Go For A Quick Snack In Prague Centre

When exploring Prague, it’s easy to forget about lunch or cut it down to a quick snack, so that you can spend as much time as possible exploring. McDonalds, KFC and Subway have a presence in Prague, and you can find numerous pizza joints in the centre, and Wenceslas Square has plenty of hot dog stands. But if you don’t like the international chains and would rather avoid the Wenceslas square outlets (which are overpriced and offer poor quality food), don’t worry, as plenty of good alternatives exist. Below we suggest some places where you can buy good food to go in the city centre. Most of them have seating areas, and all are within walking distance of your Prague apartment.

Bageterie Boulevard

As its name suggests, baguettes are the main attraction at this popular chain, which has branches across Prague. They  also serve soup and pastries. In the city centre, there are branches at Na Poříčí 42 and Vodičkova 21 (close to our Prague apartments at Vodičkova 16).

Bageterie Boulevard

Country Life, Jungmannova 1

Country Life was the first Czech company to sell organic/health foods, and the company operates two restaurants and a bistro. The branch at Jungmannova (just a minute from our Prague apartments in Vodickova) serves, among other things, sandwiches and soup. Some Country Life branches are closed on Saturdays on Sundays; check the web for opening hours info. 


Paneria offers a variety of baguettes and sandwiches, as well as pastries and cakes. There are branches at Dlouhá 50, Kaprova 3, Maiselova 4, Národní 18, Nekázanka 19, Rytířská 12 and Vodičkova 33 (very near to our Prague apartments at Vodičkova 16).


Rembrandt Donuts

The more expensive than average prices at Rembrandt Donuts are reflected the quality of the products. You can choose from a wide selection of sweet and savoury pastries, baguettes and sandwiches. There are branches at Spálená and Týnská street currently opened. 


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