Where To Go For A Hot Drink In Prague – Tea Houses

Especially now, during the winter, a sightseeing can get quickly exhausting and it is better to have a rest and hot drink every couple of hours to get warm and gain new energy. If you in the moment of this need are too far from your Prague apartment, try following tips.

Prague has a well-established coffee house scene, but did you know that tea-houses have also long been popular in the city? In this article, we’ll look at the tea-house tradition in Prague and list a couple of popular tea-houses near Prague Castle.


Legend has it that in 1848 the Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin ordered a cup of tea in a Prague café. The café owner said he’d never heard of the drink, so Bakunin dashed into the kitchen and made the cup of tea himself, the first ever in Prague.

The tea-house (čajovna) became popular in the First Czechoslovak Republic, in the interwar period, and after being killed off under Communism, it‘s back in fashion and especially popular with young people and students. The tea-house serves a huge range of varieties of tea (čaj), and drinkers take their favourite brews very seriously.

if you’ve been tramping round the bustling city center, a visit to a tea-house can be very calming because it’s laid back, even more so than a café. The tea-house will often have an eastern ambience, reflecting the places where tea originates from, and a slightly hippy-ish feel, with, for example, non-Western music playing in the background.


Malý Buddha, Úvoz 46

A classic Prague tea-house, conveniently located near the top of Úvoz, a short walk from Prague Castle. Malý Buddha offers a wide range of green black and medicinal teas. Vegetarian meals are also served.

U zeleného čaje, Nerudova 19

On the route to Hradčany, the “Green Tea” is perfectly located, and a handy place for a break before you tour the Castle. The cosy tea-house has an olde-worlde ambience that is slightly different from Prague’s other tea-houses. Bear in mind that you may have to wait, as space is very limited. Around 100 varieties are on offer, and as well as black and green varieties, you can try fruit-flavoured teas. The tea-house also serves cakes and sandwiches.

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