Where To Definitely Go When In Prague: Tips From Locals, Part 1

There is no better or easier way how to find the most interesting and original sights, (food and drink) spots or cultural epicentres than when you ask locals. Who else knows the city so well and can advise you how to exploit the new city the most? That´s why we had done our research and now we can bring you tricks and tips from locals in our series Where to definitely go when in Prague. Everything food, shopping, cultural and architecture oriented coming your way in 3, 2, 1,…

1) National gallery in Prague

Petr, graphic designer: National Gallery is a perfect shelter if you want to leave Prague with cultural or art experience. The National Gallery has a lot of exhibitons – in Veletržní palace, Šternberský palace and Schwarzenberský palace, Monastery of St. Anežka Česká and Palace of Kinský. Just last week, we visited movie installation called Manifesto in Veletržní Palace in which the beauty Cate Blanchett plays the part of 13 diverse people. Exhibiton is supposed to lead you to reflection on the role of an artist in the society… and it works. Would recommend 100 %!

2) M´Roll

Linda, HR: Asian cuisine is getting better everyday in Prague. And where to get the best considering ratio price and quality? M´Roll definitely if I may say myself. This Vietnamese and Thai restaurant is situated close to Naplavka. It´s not the most beautiful and stylish place but food makes up for it. Local pad thai, curry and bun bo nam bo (vegan and meat option) are a perfection. If you come for lunch (up till 14.00), you will pay around 120CZK. Later you will pay a bit more. But still worth it.


3) Textile House

Dana, freelancer: When it comes to shopping clothes, I fancy finding treasures. Getting something cool in shopping malls is not a big deal but secondhand shopping requires a bit of patience and effort. And the price in form of trendy pants or good quality wool coat tastes so good. That´s why I recommend getting your (outfit) souvenir in secondhand Textile House. There are numerous  branches all around Prague – on Národní třída, Vršovice, Karlína and so on. If you are lucky enough and have a good timing, you can leave with perfect peace – for example Levi´s jeans – for 30 CZK. And bonus: You don´t support fast fashion chains and do something for our planet (and your wallet as well). Every week there is a different sale you can find here.


That´s a wrap for tips from locals. Do you like them? 


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