What You Didn’t Know About Wenceslas Square


Along boulevard bordered by luxury shops, offices, restaurants and hotels, with the famous statue of St Wenceslas at the end – that is Wenceslas Square, or “Václavák” as it’s called by the locals, the centre of Prague’s New Town. It is intersected by Vodičkova Street, where you can find our residence Bohemia Apartments Prague Centre.

Everyone knows Wenceslas Square. But not every tourist knows the most interesting facts about it. We’ll disclose them to you, so that during your visit of Prague you can show off in front of your friends.

Interesting fact no.1: It’s the central point of Prague

At the top end of the square stands the building of the National Museum, on the bottom end you will find the busiest metro station Můstek and from there you can take a walk through the miniature streets all the way to Národní Třída or the Old Town Square. Taxi drivers often try to trick their clients by driving around half the city in order to get them from one square to another. Don’t trust them and instead take a walk! Either that or you can try using the public transport.

Interesting fact no.2: Let’s meet beneath the horse

All the Prague locals meet up beneath the horse. That’s why the statue of St Wenceslas is constantly surrounded not only by tourists, but also locals who are trying to find each other in the crowd. The statue was sculpted by the famous Czech sculptor Myslbek, and has been standing on Wenceslas Square since the year 1913. It’s surrounded by a large number of seats from where you can admire the view of the entire “Václavák”.

Interesting fact no.3: The place where history is made

When you’re standing on Wenceslas Square looking at the crowds of shopaholics on their way to Marks & Spencer, try to imagine that this place was once filled with people for a whole other different reason. In the year 1918 the crowds were gathered here to listen to the Czech author Alois Jirásek and his colleagues as they declared Czechoslovakia and independent democratic state. In 1945 the Czech people passed through here on their way to fight the Nazi units. In the August of 1968 the square was full of soviet tanks. It’s the place where history was written.

Wenceslas Square

Demonstration (May 2017)

Interesting fact no.4: You never know what attraction you will find here

The Czech nation is a creative one and so you never know what they will prepare for you on Wenceslas Square. From time to time you will find here live silver and gold statues of Charles IV or Wenceslas I as they wave to passersby. Other times you will see peasant girls dancing in their traditional Moravian costumes. It can also happen that you will be witness to a performance from an amateur singing performance that sounds better than if it were professionals. In the summer you can buy a coffee in an old tram wagon. On “Václavák” imagination has no limits.

Interesting fact no.5:  Everything is here

On “Václavák” you cand find everything! Ranging from five-star restaurants to stalls where you can taste the typical Czech version of hotdogs, “frankfurter in croissant”. Here you can come across luxury apartments as well as seedy hostels. In the shopping centres you’ll find goods of questionable quality and of quastionable internationals brands, whereas a little way down you can purchase a high quality pair of shoes from the famous Czech Baťa store. You can also find here an enormous selection of world cuisines, and right next to a Chinese restaurant you can try the unusual pedicure “in the shop window”, where Garra Rufa fish will clean your feet.

Wenceslas Square is basically a unique combination of the historic and the contemporary, typically Czech products and a melange of different cultures. When you look up from its bottom end, you see the statue of St Wenceslas and the National Museum, feel the nostalgic breeze of the past. On the other hand, when you look down from the “horse”, it’s a modern metropolis in all its glory. Wenceslas Square has many faces and we hope that together with Bohemia Apartments you will come to know all of them!

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