What To Do In Prague When You Are On A Budget

You are in Prague. You have no money to throw around like confetti. Now what to do? You can do a lot actually. When you know where to go, what to eat and drink, you can enjoy Prague without harming your bank account too much. Here are our tips and tricks for trip to Prague on a budget.

Morning picnic in a park

Picnic in a park is very enjoyable low cost way of starting your day. Just buy fresh French croissant (the best ones are to be found in Le Caveau on Jiřího z Poděbrad Square or Krymská) or fresh Czech bread and pastries, avocados, fruit and veggies from any nearby store. Bring a blanket and do a picnic in a great style. What park to choose? We have a very useful article about great ones up in our sleeve. Look for the right park right here.

Skip public transport, ride a bike

If you want to stay in a city centre, there is no need to use public transport. But if you want to leave fully touristic centre and wonder around other parts of Prague, you can get there on a bike. You can use bike-sharing concept called Rekola. Just download mobile app, look where the closest bike near your actual location is and “rent” it for a period of time you need. You pay the price based on minutes you use your bike for. It is fun, healthy and sometimes way quicker than public transport.


Lunch at Havelská koruna

If you move around city centre when lunch o´clock strikes, you can enjoy fine Czech cuisine and not break your budget. Read about Havelská koruna situated few minutes away from Pražský Orloj and when you are there, try typical Czech “svíčková” or “řízek”. Or dumplings with fruit. Or all of them. Because it’s cheap or just because the fun of it.

Coffee at Káva Růžová

Káva Růžová is situated nearby our Bohemia Apartments apartments on Jindřišská street. It is a cute little café with one of the best and cheapest coffees in Prague. Espresso is for 35 CZK and cappuccino for 40 CZK. Unbelievable, right? The café is pretty small – just one table with two chairs. So it´s better to take the coffee to go and enjoy being outside when the weather allows for it.

Free Walking Tour

Have you tried free walking tour? You choose it and reserve online, attend the tour and at the end you pay the guard the amount you feel is appropriate according to his/her performance. Usually these tours are fun and very well organized. You can be pretty sure those guards do their best when their “salary” depends on it.

Pedal boats

You want to enjoy Vltava but boat is too harsh on your budget? Try pedal boats. One hour costs around 200 CZK which is not that bad considering it´s very romantic, fun and healthy as well.


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