Vltava River In Prague – 5th June 2013

As you know, there was a lot of rain in middle Europe during the last couple of days, which caused flooding almost everywhere. Some cities are still waiting for the culmination of the water, some cities finally overcame the worst and the water is decreasing now.

We are happy to tell you that Prague is fortunately among the lucky cities, the water didn’t hurt the historical part of the city and is going down and even today (5th of June) we had sunny weather. Check the pictures below we made today during our walk through the Old Town and along the river bank (Smetana embankment), where we have our apartments.

Please be informed none our apartment has been affected by flooding and we are working as usually without any restictions.

The weather forecast looks good for the upcoming days so when you stay in Prague, you can enjoy all attractions of the city.

Charles Bridge

Arriving to Charles Bridge

Smetana Embankment – walking people

Smetana Embankment – Charles Bridge View & People

Smetana Embankment – Charles Bridge Apartments Building

Charles Bridge Apartments Building – Walking People

Smetana Embankment – Without Cars

Smetana Embankment – Tourists Walking

Smetana Embankment – People – 5th June, 2013

Smetana Embankment – Sun & Smile ;-)

Smetana Embankment – Charles Bridge & Prague Castle View

Smetana Embankment – Prague Castle View

Smetana Embankment – Charles Bridge & Prague Castle View

Old Town Square In Prague – 5th June, 2013

If you have any question regarding the situation in Prague, please feel free to contact us on info@bohemia-apartments.com

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