Vladislav Apartments And Their Surroundings – An Ultimate Guide To Prague’s City Centre

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You find yourself right in Prague’s city centre in a new luxury apartment. You have all of the Prague’s famous sights and places of interests just around the corner. Which spots worth visiting are there in walking distance of your apartment? Let us help you with that, there is a plenty to discover.


As you find yourself right in the city centre, you have a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. There are both international and Czech restaurants close to your apartment. Among the ones that offer international cuisine, let us point out:

  • Potrefená husa, a Czech restaurant offering modern international and Czech cuisine. You will find it on Národní street within a 5 minute walking distance from your apartment. (www.staropramen.cz)
  • Pizzeria Modrá Zahrada is an Italian restaurant situated on Národní street within a 10 minute walking distance. (www.modrazahrada.cz)
  • Jáma Steakhouse is an American restaurant for all meat lovers which you will find on Ostrovní street within a 10 minute walking distance from your apartment. (www.jamasteak.cz)
  • Modrý Zub is a restaurant offering Asian cuisine situated on Spálená street, which is within a 15 minute walking distance from your apartment. (www.modryzub.com)
  • Mayur is an Indian restaurant situated on Štěpánská street. You will reach it in 10 minutes when walking from your apartment. (www.indickarestauracemayur.cz)

Now, there is no doubt that you should try some traditional Czech food. Czech restaurants and pubs are, beginning from summer 2017, fully non-smoking. They often have their typical wooden interior design, so do not be surprised by its non-luxuriousness. The closest good places to get some nice Czech food and beer are:

  1. U Vejvodů on Jilská street is situated within 10 minutes of walking from your apartment
  2. Švejk restaurant “U zeleného stromu” is a typical Czech pub situated on Betlémské náměstí within a 15 minute distance from your apartment. (www.restaurantuzelenehostromu.cz)
  3. Michal is a restaurant on Náprstkova street where you can enjoy live folklore music. It is situated within a 5 minute walking distance from your apartment. (www.restaurant-michal.cz)

There are vegetarian options around your apartment as well.  Beas Vegetarian Dhaba is an Indian vegetarian restaurant situated conveniently right downstairs in your residence building. Lehká hlava is a vegetarian restaurant on Boršov street situated within 10 minutes of walking from your apartment. If you prefer to cook your own food, there is a Tesco on Národní avenue and a convenience store.


Prague city centre is full of cafés. You will find all types of cafés here – there are traditional Czech cafés, modern, organic, fair trade, artistic, student and hipster cafés to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, beautiful cakes and snacks. You will surely come across some nice ones on your own. Here are the ones close to your apartment that deserve your attention:

  1. Kavárna Slavia is the most famous Czech café known for art-deco interior and river views on Smetanovo nábřeží. Czech intellectuals have been meeting here since 1884. You will find this traditional café in walking distance of 15 minutes from your apartment.

    View from café Slavia

  2. Café Louvre is a Parisian style café dating from 1902 situated on Národní avenue in walking distance of 5 minutes from your apartment.

Cafe Louvre

  1. Café NONA offers a modern design and artistic environment of Prague’s National Theatre and is also situated on Národní avenue in a walking distance of 10 minutes from your apartment.
  2. Mamma Coffee is a fair trade café popular amongst locals on Vodičkova street which you will find within a 5 minute walking distance from your apartment. 


You surely know that Czech republic is famous for its beer. We are named the biggest drinkers of beer per head. It will not surprise you then that the Prague city centre is full of pubs, bars and clubs as well. These are the ones that are close to your apartment and the ones you should check out:

  1. Hemingway Bar is a bar well known for its high quality cocktails. You will find it on Karoliny Světlé street which is a 20 minute walk from your apartment or a 10 minute ride by tram. Reservation is a must here. (+420 773 974 764)     
  2. Reduta Jazz Club is a jazz club situated on Národní avenue within a 5 minute walking distance.
  3. Zlatý strom is a club in Karlova street mainly playing mainstream hits and music. You will get there in 10 minutes of walking from your apartment. It is a rather loud club with a nice atmosphere.
  4. Groove bar is a cosy bar on Voršilská street within a 10 minute walking distance from your apartment.
  5. Dlouhá street is a popular street full of bars and clubs. You will find all types of entertainment here with all sorts of music – from chilled bars to loud clubs. The best known (and also most crowded) are Harley’s, James Dean and Roxy club.


There are a few nice bakeries that offer beautiful breads and all sorts of other crunchy bakery products in the area of your apartment. There is Breadway and French chain bakery Paul on Národní avenue which is within walking distance of 10 minutes from your apartment. In Karlova street, withing 15 minutes of walking from your apartment, you will find Krusta bakery.


As you find yourself right in the centre of Prague, all famous Prague sights are within walking distance from your apartment.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge


The Charles bridge is the most famous bridge in the Czech republic and is decorated by a continuous alley of 30 statues and statuaries, most of them in Baroque style.

 Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock

Old Town Square

It takes about 15 minutes of nice walk to Old Town Square from your apartment. It has been Prague’s heart since the 10th century and its main market place until the beginning of the 20th century. There are beautiful pastel-coloured buildings of Romanesque or Gothic origin and famous Astronomical Clock.

Malá Strana, Kampa and Pražský hrad

Prague Castle


Just across the river from Charles Bridge lies Malá Strana (Lesser Quarter), which is a beautiful Baroque quarter which clusters around the foot of Prague Castle. Architecturally the most important street is Nerudova which leads to Prague Castle.  It is famous for its buildings bearing house signs. Kampa is an “island” bounded by the Vltava river and is a very peaceful place. John Lennon Wall became a political focus for Prague youth after death of John Lennon. An image of Lennon is painted there along with political graffiti, Beatles lyrics and peace messages.

Wenceslas Square  Wenceslas Square

A popular square for shopping. Many historical events occurred there, and it is a traditional setting for demonstrations, celebrations, and other public gatherings.


National Theatre provides a stage for traditional opera, drama and ballet by the likes of Smetana, Shakespeare and Tchaikovsky, sharing the program alongside modern works by composers and playwrights such as Philip Glass and John Osborne.

National Theatre

The New Stage is an institution open to varied forms of modern theatre. It offers pieces created by ensembles of the National Theatre (ballet, drama and Laterna magika). A great part of the programme, though, consists of independent projects, foreign guests, shows for kids, festivals and other events.

The New Stage of National Theatre

Rudolfinum is a Neo-Renaissance building on Jan Palach square and it is a home to the world-renowned  Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and Rudolfinum Gallery – one of the best galleries in Prague.



Popular venues near your apartment for live rock, jazz and pop music are Lucerna Music Hall and Rock Café, Jazz Dock, Jazz Republic, Reduta and Blues Sklep.


There are lots of unique and quirky things to spot in the city of Prague off the beaten path and we highly recommend visiting them. The nearest ones to your apartment are:

  • David Černý´s sculptures are sculptures made by this provocative artist and are spread all over Prague.  The best known ones are on Kampa (giant babies), in Lucerna Palace (upside-down horse), Husova street (Hanging man) and Anenské náměstí (embryo on eaves). You can read more about this artist and his works in our article Who Is David Cerny? and David Cerny Prague Tour.Kampa

Babies by David Černý on Kampa

  • Dancing House is a modern architectonic pearl in Prague on Jiráskovo náměstí. You can get there easily by tram.
  • Franciscan garden is a pleasant small public garden perfect for anyone who wants to have a rest during a day of exploring Prague. You can access it from Wenceslas Square (Světozor passage) or Jungmannovo náměstí.
  • River cruise on Vltava river will provide you with stunning views of Prague from the deck.
  • The Prague locals’ favourite farmer’s market on “Náplavka” takes place every Saturday from 8 am – 2 pm  on Rašínovo nábřeží. Go for a stroll there and enjoy some nice fresh food.

Náplavka Farmers' Markets Carrot Cake and a Coffee

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