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Have you decided for an inland vacation in Prague but still miss the sea? Then we have a tip for you! If you visit Holesovice, you can go for a nice trip into the marine world.

Prague Sea World is a unique project created in 2002. Throughout the exhibition, visitors can see 350 kinds of different animals. The largest tank has a volume of 100000 litres of sea water, and three tons of sea salt has been used for its production.The glazed wall of ​​the tank is eight meters long. Installed decorations of coral stones, weight four and a half tons and special light mimicking sunlight and moonlight gives the place unique atmosphere. Behind the glass, visitors can watch strong sharks or agile flocks of colorful coral fish.

Sea World

Coral Cave is 25 m long, contains ten aquariums built into the artificial rock wall. Also, here is much to see – live corals, coral fish, seahorses, turtles and sea snakes. Even wreck of the Bounty boat is located in one of the tanks.

The dominating point in the Sea World has become a giant tank with a capacity of 27000 litres of fresh water, where the turtles, piranhas, and other animals live.

The whole interior of the Sea World is decorated with largest hand-painted mural in Europe. Just imagine – it has a dimension of 2700 m2 and shows various scenes of marine life. Visitors can also admire a dummy ray with a wingspan of eight meters and is suspended from the ceiling.The unique floor projection reacts on movement, while providing an amazing range of effects.

Marine Aquarium was opened in September 2005 and is the largest sea life exhibition in the Czech Republic. And because it is open daily, attracts many visitors from and outside Prague every year.

Sea World

Are you wondering how it looks like under the sea, but you don’t really like to dive? Then a Prague Sea World is the right choice. And those who like adrenaline, may try feeding sharks. We are sure you will experience unforgettable moments during this visit and won’t hesitate to contact our Bohemia Apartments if dealing with the issue of accommodation.

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