Visit Ice Bar In Prague

Today we at Bohemia Apartments Prague want to invite you to visit the bar Cloud 9 placed on the roof of Hilton hotel. Glassed area of the bar offers a unique view of Prague and on the terrace will be a bar made of ice.

During the day the bar is closed and to the public is open daily from 7 pm. For as long resisted, during the day is protected from the weather by thermo insulation cover made of polystyrene.


With ice decoration and special lighting, you can feel like in the icy kingdom. But not only this, you can sit on ice stools and sip special cocktails from ice glasses, hand-made disposable. Also you can taste the seafood. Bartenders will perform a spectacular show with burning bottles and there will be a live DJ mix.

In the bar is enough drinks to get yu warm but because the temperature inside the block can be reduced up to minus 10 degrees, be sure you get even coat.

How long will be the ice bar opened? Until melted. It is assumed that when evening temperatures around zero lasts about two to three weeks. Perhaps then will be open untill end os January.

A nice night walk from the bar on the right bank of the Vltava river will take you to the city center where we recommend you a luxury accommodation in one of our spacious Prague apartments.


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