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We would like to enforce our web visitors to use the chat window in the bottom right corner to ask us for any info you could need while browsing our Prague apartments. Usually people ask us for details what is not clear from the apartments description or when the people have special requests regarding the arrival time, children, access, amenities etc. Using the chat is easy, fast and effective. You don’t need to send several e-mails with your questions anymore and you get all the answers at one time.

We have chosen 4 transcriptions from the past most common chats with our visitors to show you how the process looks like and what info you can get. Hope this also answer your possible questions about our Prague apartments.

1. Making The Booking
2. Choosing The Right Apartment
3. Early Check-in
4. Booking Issue

To start the chat is very easy – click on the chat window and start to write your question as you can see in the picture below:

Prague apartments chat window

1. Making The Booking

Conversation started: Friday, May 25, 2012 10:13:33 PM

Visitor: Hello, I’m interested for an apartment.
Visitor: At least 2 bedroom, within city center.
Bohemia Apartments: Hello, ok, what dates?
Visitor: 3 june – 6 june
Bohemia Apartments: Ok, we have two apartments with 2 bedrooms and one apartment with 3 bedrooms, how many persons you are?
Visitor: We are only 3 but we need privacy while sleeping :):)
Bohemia Apartments: No problem, I will send you links with the offer.
Visitor: Ok
Bohemia Apartments: Grand Classics Prague Apartment
Bohemia Apartments: Vodickova Exclusive 2 Prague Apartment
Bohemia Apartments: Prague City Centre Apartment Bohemia
Bohemia Apartments: This one is 3 bedrooms apartment Gold Classics Prague Apartment DeLuxe
Visitor: Ok wait 4 me please.
Bohemia Apartments: Ok
Visitor: Ok, I’m interested in one of them.
Visitor: 2 bedroom.
Bohemia Apartments: Which one?
Visitor: 80 sqm.
Visitor: 327 euro per 3 nights.
Bohemia Apartments: It is City Centre Bohemia Apartment.
Visitor: Yep, that is.
Bohemia Apartments: Do you want to make a booking?
Visitor: Yes. Should i make it direct from the link you send me?
Bohemia Apartments: Yes please, in the description of the apartment you will see the ted calendar where you put your daates and number of persons.
Bohemia Apartments: Then click on it.
Visitor: Yep I’m there.
Bohemia Apartments:  Fill in the booking form.
Visitor: Ok
Bohemia Apartments: Please don’t forget finally to choose the option of securing the booking – payment by card, payment by paypal or just enetring your card details (with this option we will not charge your card)
Visitor: Perfect, done :-)  Thanks for your service.


2. Choosing The Right Apartment

Conversation started: Friday, April 27, 2012 12:53:06 AM

Visitor: Hello, we have 5 adults and 2 kids. In that case would you provide us an extra bed? Is there an extra charge for that?
Visitor: Also our two kids will be 4 and 2 years by the time we travel. In that case, do I make a reservation for 6 people (5 adults and 1 kid) or 7 people although the 2 year old can stay for free?
Bohemia Apartments: Hello, which apartment are you interested in?
Visitor: Grand classics deluxe 2 BR.
Bohemia Apartments: There is two double beds, one single bed and one double sofa so it depends how you want to sleep. We also provide a baby cot if you want. Make the booking as for 6 persons.
Visitor: I didn’t know you had a double sofa. That might work. AC in the unit?
Visitor: Can you also check if u have something else for july 2nd-5th?
Visitor: And is it easy to find? We’ll be taking Eurail from Vienna. How do we get there?
Bohemia Apartments: In this apartment there is no A/C. All our apartments are right in the city centre so it is very easy to find it. We have two another available apartments – this one is with A/C Gold Classic DeLuxe Prague Apartment
Bohemia Apartments: This is the other one Luxury Attic Prague Apartment (no A/C but additionally there is a lift in the building) on Wenceslas Square.
Visitor: What about the first one with 3BRs?
Visitor: And how come some don’t have AC? Do you guys not need it during summer?
Bohemia Apartments: There is no lift but the building has only 3 floors. Regarding the A/C – usually it is not necessary because the summer is not so hot. Sometimes we have hot summer days so then it is good to have A/C but in general we use fans.
Visitor: Thank you.
Bohemia Apartments: You are welcome. Do you have any other question?
Visitor: Not for now. Among three apartments, which one has better location? Proximity to public transportation and markets restaurants … ?
Bohemia Apartments: The Grand Classic Apartment and the 3BRs apartment are in the same building, 5 min slow walk to the Wenceslas Square, the main shopping boulevard. The Attic apartment with the lift is right on Wenceslas Square. But both locations are identic since it is right in the city centre.
Visitor: Oh, I don’t see a washing machine or dryer in the attic apartment… No washing machine?
Bohemia Apartments: In the attic apartment is a washing machine and a clothes-dryer, it has each our apartment.
Visitor: Thank you so much for answering my questions!!
Bohemia Apartments: You are welcome :-)


3. Early check-in

Conversation started: Thursday, August 02, 2012 1:23:03 PM

Visitor: Hello – I am interested in booking the Gold Classic De Luxe Prague Apartment for the two nights 29th Sept – 1 Oct. We arrive in the morning and depart in the evening though – will there be anywhere to store our bags before check-in and after check-out?
Bohemia Apartments: Hello, thank you for message. What time you arrive?
Bohemia Apartments: The early check-in usually depends on previous guests.
Bohemia Apartments: But since the regular check-out is until 11am, you can leave your luggage in the apartment at 11am and you can receive the key.
Bohemia Apartments: The apartment will not be ready until 3pm when is regular check-in time. 
Visitor: Thank you, we will be arriving at about 11-11.30am. So could we leave the bags in the apartment if it’s not ready for check in?
Bohemia Apartments: Yes ;-)
Visitor: Many thanks for your help!
Bohemia Apartments: You are welcome!


4. Booking Issue

Conversation started: Sunday, June 10, 2012 4:39:44 PM

Visitor: Hi! I’m wondering if it’s me or someone else who has booked the apartment: Luxury Attic Exclusive 2BA Prague Apartment. Something went wrong when I was going to pay the deposit.
Bohemia Apartments: Hello, which date are you booking?
Visitor: July 13-16.
Bohemia Apartments: I see this booking as unsuccessful, something went wrong?
Visitor: Yes. I changed my mind on which deposit alternative I was going to choose and hit the “back”-button in my browser.
Bohemia Apartments: Ok, I think this caused it…the system close the dates for 15 min after unsuccessful booking.
Bohemia Apartments: But I can open it again if you want now.
Visitor: So after 15 min it’s possible to book again? I can wait. No problem.
Bohemia Apartments: Yes you can book it again, just don’t press any “back” button when making the reservation process
Bohemia Apartments: In approx. 5 min it should be available again.
Visitor: No I wont do that again. :) Thank you for your help. Excellent!
Bohemia Apartments: No problem, you are welcome!





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