Trains For Singles In Prague Metro

We decided to try out the singles carriage in Prague metro. What is it? Read below..

For sure you know it too. Every trip by metro looks the same. You get on, if you’re lucky you get your hands on one of the last seats, and then you either pop on your headphones, flip through a book or some online news, or perhaps you make use of the dark glass to do a few inconspicuous touch-ups. You don’t really take notice of the other passengers and they don’t really notice you. In the metro, as crammed as it sometimes may be, everyone is a small deserted island. However, the Prague Public Transport Company decided to change that.

From the beginning of November, every Saturday between 10 am and 10 pm, a very special carriage passes through the Prague metro stations. It’s always the one that’s right in the middle and has the nickname “Communication carriage”. This is because the passengers travelling in it are encouraged not to be shy and instead talk to each other. Initially, it was supposed to be a carriage purely for dating purposes, but apparently that was too limiting, and so it became the “Communication carriage”; specifically for those who simply like to spend their commute talking to other people.

Our colleague Jana is describing her experience. “I couldn’t resist so I tried the communication carriage too. Although I’m a naturally shy person, I was curious how the whole “Communication carriage” thing works. To be honest, I was a little disappointed at first. You can’t mistake the Czech temperament. Generally speaking, Czechs are neither communicative nor assertive. At first sight, you couldn’t tell the communication carriage apart from the other regular carriages. The same silence, the same brooding faces, the same distant expressions.”

“I noticed something different only after a while. Cautious eye contact between two teenagers, who had perhaps felt just a spark going between them. The shy smiles of two older women, holding the same magazine. The tentative “Hi, how are you?” which suddenly sounded next to me. In the end it turned out that something was actually happening in the communicative carriage. It just wasn’t as obvious as it would have been in other countries, I think. It’s just that Czechs are sometimes a little shy. But now and then even the simple smile or the “Hi, how are you?”, that you wouldn’t get in any other carriage, will really brighten your mood.”

What about you? Would you consider trying to meet people in a similar way?

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