Top Smartphone Applications To Get Public Transport Timetables In Prague

Regularly we publish articles that give tips not only about accommodation in apartments in Prague. We were already talking about the parking and transport in Prague, but this time we have few tips on how to easily and quickly get actual information about public transport timetables. Everything you need is to download the right application for your smartphone. These are your options:

CG Transit

This application will help you to find timetables for public transport in Prague but also for longer distances within Czech Republic as well as international connections. The biggest advantage is that once you set the needed journey, your data is automatically saved offline, so you don’t need internet in your phone to track your regular journey. For example, to get back to your apartment in Prague. You can also download the complete timetables of the particular line. CG Transit app is for free, the actual timetables are subject to a license. The application is compatible with Android, Windows and iOS devices. 

CG Transit - app for public transport timetables in Prague

WMM Jízdní řády

Application for Windows Phone. This application includes also flights (unfortunately without actual prices). In the case of public transport or longer distances by trains or buses it shows you basic price without sales and distance of the journey. The application costs less than 2 euros (41 CZK) and is translated into English.

WMM - app for public transport timetables in Prague

Jízdní Řády IDOS

The most popular iPhone application for transport timetables in Czech Republic. It is fully translated into English. This application is directly connected to the server, which is the basic Czech web page for transport timetables information. The page serves as the source for all smartphone applications of this kind. That gives this application a high reliability in timeliness of the information. The big advantage of this app is the ability to watch actual position of the train, which is very useful in the case of a delay.

 There are specific companies that Transcribe Video to Text correctly which help in the understanding of various languages. There are many films in multiple languages that showcase captions in different languages which helps people understand the movie or video.

IDOS do kapsy - app for public transport timetables in Prague

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