Thousands Of Danish Youngsters Get Drunk And Destroy Apartments In Prague

Hot topic in Czech! Media talk about young Danish students coming to Prague because of cheap alcohol and accommodation. Up to 10 000 of young Danes have already visited Prague this winter. However the goal of their stay is not usually a sightseeing but partying, clubbing or simply buying bottles of alcohol that is much cheaper in Czech Republic than in Denmark. Their behaviour often leads to vandalism. The damage they caused in hotels and apartments in Prague has already rised to tens of thousands euros. Lot of the students are under 18.

Charles Bridge apartments building

Except of a vandalism there was several brawls, put up either in the streets of Prague or in hotels and also in one case the police was attacked when called to calm down the situation.  The Danes also put up a brawl in one hotel and one student was stabbed by other student.

Reason of this new phenomenon is probably the campaign of a travel agency that was held in Denmark and which tried to attract Danish tourists to low cost party trips to Prague.

Also we at Bohemia Apartments Prague were “lucky” and had some Danish tourists. The damage caused in our apartments was not so high as the damage caused to other apartment providers, where the guests destroyed three apartments and a facade of the building (subsequnetly they were banished from the apartments).

This week, another six thousands of Danes are coming to Prague so we will be very vigilant. Bohemia Apartments Prague are strongly against any type of vandalism and any form of breaching the house rules in respect to our other guests and our property.

Please be informed that all our guests are obliged to sign the rental agreement with the house rules, provide the home address and the passport numbers and put a certain amount of refunfable damage deposit. Any damage caused will be covered from the deposit and also can be subject of the action to further legal steps.

We of course have a lot of nice and pleasant experience with Danish clients and hope this uncommon phenomenon attached to Denmark will be calmed down soon. All well behaving clients from any country in the world will be always welcome in our Prague Apartments!

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