The World Of Online Traveling [INFOGRAPHIC]

We would like to show you the importance of the online traveling, which today impacts every part of travel world including accommodation, so those of you who are looking for the info about either Prague apartment accommodation or flights to Prague, this article and infographic below might interest you.

The company recently published the infographic The World Of Online Traveling which is showing some important details about travelers behaviour when looking for travel information, including accommodation or flight tickets. They collect the data from 4Q/2011 at and websites. Here you have the most interesting info:

  • 62% of personal travelers use search engines as their #1 source of travel information
  • 51% of business travelers use their mobile device to get the travel information
  • 81% of traveleres find user reviews important
  • 49% of travelers don’t book a property without reviews (check Bohemia Apartments reviews on TripAdvisor)

When entering the travel website:

  • 26% of travelers entered to make a reservation
  • 20% of travelers entered to find hotel info (see our Prague Apartments info)
  • 20% of travelers entered to compare rates

Internet Source of bookings:

  • 65,4% brand websites (for example
  • 19,5% online agencies (,, etc..) 

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