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Our customers sometimes ask us why is there the little bird in our logo. You would expect something apartment related given we are an apartment rental company. However, we decided to choose something special for our special apartments in Prague. The bird in our logo is actually a hoopoe, a bird which can be seen in the Czech republic, too. In Czech, this bird is called Dudek. The hoopoe is a bird of very unique appearance. You can’t confuse it with any other bird thanks to its little crown.


Why did we choose this cute little bird for our logo then? A hoopoe is special and rare to see, as it visits Czech republic for nesting season and then it flies back south. In other words, it comes for holiday to Czech republic just like a traveler. We also wanted something confident and joyful for our logo. Something that will show the fun and freedom of traveling and holiday. Just as the hoopoe (Dudek), flying in the skies above the Czech republic. You can see our logo all over our webpage, social media and in our apartments in the city centre of Prague, too. Therefore, you can easily recognize us when you see our hoopoe logo!

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