The St. Matthew’s Fair Begins

We at Bohemia Apartments Prague provide information on Prague attractions, news and accommodation. This time you want to draw attention to St. Matthew’s Fair which has a tradition in Prague since 1963 and is the largest and most visited pilgrimage in Czech Republic.

The St. Matthew’s Fair became famous because it was the first spring fair in Prague and at the same time the celebration of St. Matthew (24th February) – the patron of craftsmen, confectioners, butchers and tailors. In Bohemia they say that St. Matthew breaks the ice, so it means that the spring is approaching. Let it therefore welcome to St. Matthew’s Fair.

St. Matthew's Fair

In the area of the Prague Exhibition Centre you can spend all day on many dozens of attractions. The most famous one is roller coaster, haunted castle, a house of laughter, chain carousel, lots of swings, bouncy castles, shooting, motor-racing circuit, water attractions, motion simulators, shooting galleries, roundabouts, dipper and bell track. The most popular attractions the centrifuge or a massive catapult.

But that’s not all. There is a lot of stalls selling fast food (sausages, fried sausages and typical specialities as Bramborak and Langoš), you can purchase a typical oriental sweets or gingerbread heart, will come in handy as well as cotton candy.If you would like to have fun, to experience the heady sensation of heights and have a bit of adrenaline, then you definitely do not miss the St. Matthew’s Fair which starts on February, 25 and runs until April 22.

Are you dizzy? Tired? Lot of noise around from playing music? Then it’s time to relax. Bohemia Apartments Prague are already looking forward to see you and will love to provide you peace and comfort in their Prague apartments.

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