The One And Only: Žižkov District

Žižkov neighbourhood has a bad reputation. It´s often called to be dirty, loud and full of people you wouldn´t like to meet. Ok, it´s not the most beautiful part of Prague but anyway it has a lot to offer. Let us show you the magic of this part of Prague 3. Because it´s definitely worth a visit.


Let´s kick this Žižkov tour off with a bit of cheating. Bistro 8 Vinohrady is not technically part of Žižkov but it´s just across Žižkov´s tower. So it still counts, right? Start your day with a yummy breakfast or brunch in this cozy bistro. If you are a proper coffee lover and can´t deal with just one cup, order filter coffee which is endless – you can pour yourselves as many cups as you want (or survive without heart attack) – and costs only 58 CZK. During weekend it opens up at 10 a.m., during weekdays around 8.30 a.m.

bistro 8 vinohrady


Right across the street, there is Žižkov Tower, a television tower offering 360° view of Prague at a height of 93 meters. It´s the highest building in the city. Remarkable 216 meters high. You can get to the observatory of tower if you buy tickets – preferably in advance here – or you can visit its luxury restaurant. It is on a pricey side of Prague´s restaurants which is no surprise. But if you are hunting for a good experience, why not? Surrounding the Tower there is a parc called Mahlerovy sady in which you can play minigolf or during winter do some ice-skating. Fun, right?

žižkov tower


Lunch time! What about discovering some Asain cuisine in the heart of Žižkov? There is a restaurant called Bibimbap Žižkov. Nice staff, normal prices and really amazing food – try Bibimbap or Udon soup. Yummy, interesting and healthy.  

bibimbap žižkov


Next stop – Parukářka. It is a big park with a decent view over the city. The biggest pros of this place are:

–          It is very dog-friendly. This might not ideal for you if you are allergic or not a dog-person. Dogs are running freely around the park, usually in top upper parts. So do keep lower at the bottom of the park if you are not a dog lover. By the way, don´t worry about dog poo being everywhere. People of Žižkov are pretty aware of their “dog” obligations and they clean after their loved ones.

–          It has a pub with damn good prices (for example:  Pilsner Urquell beer costs 38 CZK).

–          There are outside grills you can use for free to prepare meat, veggies or whatever you wish to barbecue. Just take your own coal. Can there be anything more perfect for a picnic?


Are you ready for one of the best (if not best) burgers in your life? We think you are. Stop by Belzepub, a place well-known for its yummy vegan and meat burgers. Even if you are meat-lover, try local vegan burger. 9 out of 10 meat-eaters say its vegan burgers are even better than beef ones. Interior is not the most beautiful but we think you will forgive Belzepub once you taste their food.

And that´s a wrap, our dear fellow Prague lovers. If you feel like partying and having some drinks, Žižkov offers you many good options  from pubs full of locals to cozy bars and music clubs. Just look around and visit some pub or bar or do a pub crawl. We know you will be satisfied. Enjoy Žižkov!

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