The Most Romantic Valentine´s Day In Prague

Valentine´s Day may not be the biggest event in Czech republic but no need to worry, there are many romantic places in Prague that fit perfectly to your highly romantic vision of 14th of February. Prepare yourself and your Valentine for the most romantic day and night filled with love, delicious food and beautiful, soul-warming experience. And if you have not booked your stay in Prague yet, what are you waiting for? Do it here.

Food = Love

La Bottega Linka and La Bottega Tusarova are both Italian bistros of famous Riccardo Lucque´s and they are both the best Valentine´s day choice.  You can buy either the whole romantic menu or order just a few dishes. After you read this, go straight to reserve a table there. Otherwise you may not get in. Another tip is Wine Food Market we have already written about here.

If you want something sweet, we recommend either Cukrárna Myšák of Ambiente situated very close to our apartments – always a great place to go for typical Czech desserts – or IF café which is well-known for local desserts. Second mentioned has more branches but we suggest you to choose the one in Werichova vila. Beautiful space, you can believe us!

Let´s walk together

Walks are very romantic when you choose the right way to follow. We would suggest those not-so-well-known because those famous (like Charles Bridge) are going to be filled with people. Not very cozy and romantic to be squeezed among thousands of people, right? Then choose Kampa we have already written about in this article. Other cute and romantic peaceful location is New World (aka Nový Svět), the part of Prague where the times had stopped.  Picturesque nooks with crooked small streets and cute tiny houses look like from the other period of time. That not-stressed, not-busy period.

What to do next?

Running is love! And event Valentýnský běh takes it to another level. On 17th of February you can run with your loved ones in Stromovka. Hand in hand. Starting at 11:30 runners will run 5 kilometres. No charge required, event is for free. You can register from 28th of January on. Let´s run together in the name of Valentine´s day and love.

Ice-skating in Letenská pláň is going to be very romantic as well. The whole programme is ready for dating lovers. You can join some competitions on ice, enjoy activities outside of ice-skating rink like photoboothing or throwing at target.

These are our romantic recommandations to get you in a proper St. Valentine´s mood. What are yours?


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