The Match Of Avocado Toasts: Where To Get The Best One In Prague?

Year 2016 could be called an Avocado Year. Everyone was eating it for breakfast, lunch or dinner and tasting it in different spots around the cities. Avocado breads ruled the world of social networks as well as Prague´s cafes and restaurants. We forecast the new year will mean no other thing. So you wonder where can you get the best avocado bread? Where to eat it during your stay in Prague? And who´s the local master of avocado bread magic?


1) Coffee Room

Coffee Room is small (but cozy) café on Vinohrady and it´s the epicentre of avocado bread mania. You can choose from two types of avo bread – smashed with pepper, salt and lemon or cut into perfect pieces and lied down on the nest of cheese, rucola and dried tomatoes. Both perfect. During the week it opens up at 8 a.m. and at around 8.30 am you will hardly find a place to sit. We recommend you to wake up early and visit it as soon as possible. You get really great coffee (try batch brew) and excellent sweets. You can´t leave without Czech kolache. Maybe take two before your way out. You will not regret @coffeeroomprague


2) Cafefin

On Jiřího z Poděbrad square, there´s a café with Vietnamese edge. Cafefin is very trendy and modern café which is very popular. It´s full and packed with people all day long. Avo breads are praised highly. After all the rest of the menu – f.e. yoghurt with black rice or bahn mi – doesn´t disappoint. Back to avo bread. In Cafefin you don´t find just avocado on your sourdough. There are also blueberries, pomegranate seeds, perfectly prepared egg, seeds and sprouts. Sounds good?photo: @cafefin


3) Bar Cobra

Cobra is a typical Letná spot. Kind of hipster, kind of chic. Local avo breads are available in vegan and meat-eater option. Vegan consist of great piece of pastry, a ton of hummus and avocado. Non-vegan goes with salmon and cheese. Guys in Cobra know well even when it comes to coffee, pancakes and omelettes. And at the evening and night? You can get their famous cocktails and one of the best hummus in @barcobra


4) VisitInn Café

Palmovka is not the most beautiful or visited part of Prague but anyway there is something pretty good there. VisitInn Café is cool café where you can enjoy delicious – wait for it – avo bread (and way more)! With avocado mashed with tomatoes, onion, spices and lemon on bread you get yoghurt with homemade granola and filtered coffee for free. If you stop by for breakfast, order scrambled eggs as well. Your taste buds will be @visitinncafe


We wanted to choose one place you should definitely visit but to be honest we can´t decide. You have to try these spots and their avo breads yourselves and see who deserves the title of avocado toast kingdom.


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