The Four Seasons In Prague

Prague is a wonderful destination at any time, but to help you get a better of idea what you can expect during each season, Bohemia Apartments Prague brings you a brief description of each period.

Spring is one of the most rewarding times to visit because you can take advantage of longer days, and warmer and sunnier weather. Don’t forget, though, that it can still be chilly in spring.

In terms of traditions, the highlight is Easter, and Easter Markets are held on Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. A old custom that remains popular today is Čarodejnice (Burning of the Witches) on 30 April, when spring is welcomed with bonfires. The following day is traditionally is for lovers, who gather at the statue of 19th century “poet of love” Karel Hynek Macha on Petřín Hill.

Late spring, when Prague suddenly becomes very green, is particularly spectacular and the perfect opportunity for strolls in blooming parks such as Petřín Hill, the Franciscan Gardens (Františkanská zahrada) just off Wenceslas Square, or Stromovka Park.

Summer is inevitably the most popular time to visit Prague. Temperatures are at their highest and the days are at their sunniest, although watch out for occasional storms and heavy rain.

Many Czechs leave Prague for long periods in the summer, spending time on holiday and at their cottages in the country. It’s also useful to know that 5 and 6 of July are public holidays in the Czech Republic, and if either or both these dates fall on a week day, many people take the whole week off.

Summer is naturally a good time to visit, but Prague can be extremely busy and hot during this season, so a day trip out of the city is a great idea. Why not visit the historic towns of Tábor or Kutná Hora? Or you could explore the countryside of the Berounka Valley, southeast of Prague.

Kutná Hora

Kutná Hora

Autumn, is characterised by shorter days and pleasant temperatures, although November is cooler and mornings can be chilly or foggy and damp. In October the leaves start turning spectacular shades of red.

Autumn traditions include the short burčák season in September, when this young, sweet but strong wine is available. Small wine festivals (vinobrání) with burčák are also held. October is a public holiday and commemorates the date when Czechoslovakia was founded, in 1918. Just over two weeks later, on 17 November, Praguers enjoy a public holiday that marks the start of the Velvet Revolution in 1989, when Communism was overthrown.


Winter in Prague, especially around the Christmas holidays, is a special time. The city is often chilly but grey, but the historic centre looks amazing under a blanket of snow on a cold day. Temperatures frequently fall below zero in winter, so be prepared!

Christmas markets open at the beginning of November, coinciding with advent, celebrated on the four Sundays before Christmas. On the evening of the 5 December you may spot little groups dressed up as bishops, angels and devils. The bishop is “Mikuláš” or St Nicholas, and he and the others visit local children, rewarding them if they’ve been good. As elsewhere, the highlight of winter in Prague is Christmas, which is celebrated in the Czech Republic on the evening of 24 December. If you’re in Prague just before it, you may see giant tubs on street corners. They’re filled with carp: in the Czech Republic this freshwater fish, accompanied by potato salad, is the Christmas meal. On the same evening gifts are also brought by (invisible) Ježíšek (Baby Jesus). New Year is often celebrated with friends in the mountains. By then, the Czech skiing season will have started. It lasts until March/April, by which time spring is starting all over again in Prague.

Every season you visit Prague you will like it. Do not worry about the weather and come any time to experience the beauty of Prague. Book your Prague apartment on time, especially in the summer to avoid the booking by someone else. Bohemia Apartments Prague will be happy to meet you and provide you the best accommodation services.


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