5 Most Romantic Places In Prague

In the Prague Old Town, within historical buildings and squares, you can find some amazing places, which are perfect for dating and you will love them. Let us introduce you five most romantic places in Prague. You can find it as a good tip when planning a trip or a date.

#1 The Vrtba Garden (Vrtbovske zahrady)

The Vrtba Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens north of the Alps. It has been made on the place of an old vineyard and it was home of famous czech artist Mikoláš Aleš. Besides its stunning architecture it offers a beautiful view of Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral. The garden is located in the Lesser Town just under the Petrin Hill.

The Vrtba Garden

#2 Kampa

The small romantic island of Kampa offers the pefect look on “Czech Venezia,” because of artificial water canal, which separates island from the the Lesser Town. It offers plenty of places to explore, for instance historical mills, gardens or museum. Near this place is also Bridge of Lovers, where the young couples locked locks and throw the key to the river.


# 3 Petrin Tower

Petrin Tower is the most famous “love” place in Prague. It is 63.5 meters height  and the altitude is 324 m above sea level. Under the tower you can find a nice and huge park with statues of famous Czech artists. There is a statue of K.H.Macha, one of the most famous Czech poets, where a lot of young couples kisses each year, on the 1st of May, which Macha called “the time for love”.  If you do not want to walk, you can use a railway which has two stops and starts under the Petrin Hill in the Ujezd street.

Petřín Tower

# 4 Prokop pond (Prokopské jezírko)

Hidden pond in the middle of Prokop Valley has the magic atmosphere and it is great for hot summer evenings. It is one of the less known places within Prague, where you can still be alone with your love for hours. If you want to leave the historical center of Prague and make a trip, this is the right place to go.The best way to Prokop Valley is by train to the station Praha-Hlubočepy.

# 5 Vysehrad

Another well known place in Prague is Vysehrad. Parks near castle offers plenty of places where young lovers can be alone and hidden from the outside world. From the castle wall you can see a beautiful view of Vltava river, Smíchov district, Petrin Hill and Prague Castle.The best way of transportation to Vysehrad is subway (line C).




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