The Day of Poetry 2013

Attention, all lovers of a culture and especially the literature – between 10. – 25. November 2013 the popular literary festival Den poezie 2013 (The Day of Poetry)  will take place in all big cities of Czech Republic. Of course, Prague will not be excluded. Prague is the city where one of the greatest Czech poets, Karel Hynek Mácha, found his final resting place, and this festival is an official homage to him.


Den Poezie has been one of the most widespread literary festivals in the country for several years now, even though it all began 14 years ago as a small celebration in honour of Karel Hynek Mácha’s birthday (16th of November). Hovewer, since then this modest event has grown great in proportion – today, there is tens of schools, libraries, literary groups and clubs, theatres and museums, participating on this event. All of them are busy preparing a very varied program for the festival’s visitors: literary expositions, author readings, theatre and other performances. In short, there’s a great deal to look forward to.

Statue of Karel Hynek Mácha

The entire festival is provided by the Czech Poetry Company. Thanks to cooperation with a whole number of foreign organizations you can meet here not only Czech, but also foreign poets and other prominent cultural figures.


And what specifically is there to look forward to? We have 3 tips for the most interesting events:

1. Karel Hynek Mácha’s Birthday Celebration on Petřín (16th November, 19:00)

If you manage to work up the courage and venture out into freezing late afternoon, you will be rewarded with the unforgettable atmosphere at the great poet’s birthday celebration, which takes place tomorrow and which started  off the entire festival Den Poezie. The meeting point is at the statue of Karel Hynek Mácha, where you will be awaited by wine, candles and lots of music and recitation right below the statue of the author of one of the greatest romantic poems ever.

2. Author readings of short stories and discussion at Jindřišská Tower (18th November, 19:00)

Short stories will be read in the loft of Jindřišská Tower in Old Town. But these are no ordinary short stories. You will hear the short stories of the creators of Czech Republic’s best cultural magazines: Totem, Písmák, Literra and others. You should definitely not miss this unique experience in historic surroundings.

3. Recitation by famous Czech poets (24th November, 19:00)

In Trickbar, on the ancient Lesser Town Square, an evening filled with verse and poetry awaits you. And not just any poetry! It will be recited by the most famous of Czech contemporary poets. You will meet Jiří Dědeček, whose songs and poems have become famous in France, and also Silva Fischer, Jan Zbořil and Jan Spěváček.

If you are fond of literature and especially poetry, you will have no trouble to plan your schedule for the next week. All important informations regarding the festival can be found on the official web pages. Photos from some of the events will appear on our Facebook page soon.


Conclusion: do you know the opening lines of the most well-know Czech poem, written by Karel Hynek Mácha? Here it is ;-)

Late evening, on the first of May –
The twilit May – the time of love.
Meltingly called the turtle-dove,
Where rich and sweet pinewoods lay.
Whispered of love the mosses frail,
The flowering tree as sweetly lied,
The rose’s fragrant sigh replied,
To love-songs of the nightingale.

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