The Best Spots To Take The Best Photo Of Prague

Where to take the best photos of Prague? If you are craving the best photo evidence you have visited the heart of Europe, we have got you covered. Here are few places you can definitely snap a brilliant picture from. Just read and get that shot right >>>


The hill dividing Karlín and Žižkov is famous for its statue of Jan Žižka that overviews the whole metropole. It is the world´s third largest bronze equestrian statue of this man who defeated catholic forces led by King Sigismund in 1420 in the Battle of Vítkov Hill. There is also a monument that includes the Ceremonial Hall, an exhibition entitled Crossroads of Czech and Czechoslovak Statehood and other exhibition halls. To Vítkov you can get from Žižkov or Karlín and once you get up there (270 meters above the sea), you get pretty epic view. You can see Florenc, Strahov situated on the opposite side of the Vltava. On the left (when looking in the same direction as the statue) there is Žižkov and on the right beautiful Karlín.

Letenské sady

Letenské sady and precisely Prague´s Metronome is a place to be if you want an epic view in the middle of the city. From Náměstí republiky you can get there by walking in 20 minutes. Famous monument of Stalin had been standing there but it was demolished in 1962. Now you find a art piece by sculptor Vratislav Novák called Time machine. During your walk up the hill you can meet many young skaters and Prague´s hipster. Once you get up there, you will be charmed by Prague´s beauty. River, bridges, Old City, Dvořák´s riverbank, metropole´s rush and vividness. We are sure you will enjoy this place!

Bohnice Podhoří

Podhoří is a rocky natural reservation with important geological conditions and lies on the right part of Vltava. Its rocky precipice lead up to 100 metres and there are many animals, insects and plant under national protection. From rocks headlands you can see Prague´s part Sedlec. The biggest proportion of view belongs to Prague 6. The dominant of this view is for sure Prague´s castle.


We have mentioned Petřín not that long ago here. Petřínské sady are the most beautiful during spring when local trees cover in beautifully smelling pink and white blossoms. It becomes magical and the place to be when you hunt proper romantic spot. Nevertheless amazing view is available all year long. We promise you won´t regret getting up that hill.

Those are ours personal and very approachable tips where to take the best photo of Prague. Do you have other faves? Tell us in the comments…


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