We Scream Ice Cream! The Best Ice Cream In Prague

Let´s make this ice cream article nice and short, shall we? You can´t read long articles when there is delicious ice cream waiting for you and calling your name, right? Here are a few ice cream heavens in Prague you need to visit this spring/summer 2018. 

Crème de la Crème

There is a real chance you will fall in love after your first scoop and won´t be willing to leave Prague. Crème de la Crème is a true ice cream paradise. It´s situated in the city centre (Husova 12, close to Dominikánský monastery with church). You can choose if you want to eat your ice cream in a cup or from cone. One small scoop that is actually pretty big costs 45 CZK and you can have either one or two flavours in it. There are some healthier and vegan options – salted peanut is made with almost zero sugar and without milk (= vegan and healthy lifestyle friendly). We also recommend, dear readers, to try mango. TRUE JOY in a cone. Crème de la Crème serves coffee and cakes as well so you can chill inside or take away. Be aware there are no parks or green spots with benches close to this place so you will probably have to eat it while walking.

Ice Cream Prague


Angelato has more branches – Rytířská 27, Újezd 24 or Bělohorská 50. Be prepared to wait for your ice cream. But naturally there is a reason it´s so popular. Local ice creams are perfect and very unique. What about avocado ice cream, jasmine rice or even olive oil? Sounds weird? No worries, they are made to be loved and honoured. One of bestsellers is jasmine rice and we approve it 100 %. One scoop (you can again divide into two flavours) costs around 40 CZK and is smaller than those huge ones in Crème de la Crème.

Ice Cream Prague


Zmrzlinář is very cool place considering interior. It is close to Náměstí Míru so not right in the centre but well accessible. It is not our favourite but we can approve it when it comes to fruity ice creams. Scoops are not that big and one costs 35 CZK. You can´t try more flavours in one which is a shame. Daily offer of flavours changes but you can check in on their website. They have a new limited edition ice cream inspired by crème brûlée. Vanilla, caramel and cream? Yes, please.

Ice Cream Prague

Puro Gelato

Last but not least there is Puro Gelato. Their ice creams are made like Italian gelato with less fat and more milk. Fancying some deliciousness in form of Mr. Poppy, Carrot or Riccota ice cream? Puro Gelato will make you very happy. One of its branches is close to Náplavka so you can combine ice cream with local and healthy shopping on farmers markets and eat it on the riverside with an amazing view. Plus it´s considerably close to our apartments on Smetanovo nábřeží. What´s more than that?

So that´s that, our dear readers. Enjoy and let us know if you have other favourites. Have the best (ice-cream) day.

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