Cinnamon Bun Battle: The Ones You Will Dream About

Cinnamon buns. You can either love them or love them even more. There is no way you don’t enjoy that cinnamon taste, the tenderness of dough, the sweetness in your mouth. OK, we will stop now and get to the topic. There are a few amazing spots in Prague where you can buy this piece of heaven. Those you will not stop talking about when you arrive home and describe your Prague experience. Here they are:


Location: Francouzská 152/78

Opening hours: 17:00 – 22:00

This little bistro situated at Krymská tram stop has been an official king of cinnamon buns in Prague for pretty long time. Local buns cost 40 CZK, are tender, sweet, sticky and amazing. You have to take them away because there is hardly any place to sit. You can also get epic pulled pork (the best in town), vegetarian and vegan meals and homemade ice cream. There are few stable everyday meals (cinnamon buns, pulled pork, salad with quinoa) but the rest of the offer changes every day. Everything is always amazing and tastes on point. Just like their cinnamon buns.

Conductor Cinnamon Bun

Donut Shop

Location: nám. J. z Poděbrad 1658/11

Opening hours: 9:00 – 18:00

It is a younger brother of Coffee Shop we have been mentioning on our Instagram and in this article. Donut Shop is situated on Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad and packed with sweet treats. Cinnamon buns are unfortunately not fixed stars on the menu. It happens you don´t find them there because Donut Shop is a specialist on – you guessed it – donuts. In the morning there are usually just donuts (but really yummy ones), later on local bakers focus on doing cinnamon buns. And they do a great job. Lots of people said they had not eaten better cinnamon buns in their life. And that´s the statement we don´t underestimate! Buns cost around 50 CZK. And don´t forget to get a coffee here. It´s truly amazing and compliments cinnamon buns very well.

Artic Bakery

Location: Újezd 11

Opening hours: 7:00 – 19:30

Ohh, this place! Artic Bakery is new bakery on Újezd. It was opened by a baker from Iceland who decided to stay in Prague and prepare the best gluten treasures. He uses the best flour and top notch ingredients to prepare the best breads, cookies and cinnamon buns. Local cinnamon buns are probably our faves. They are more expensive – 60 CZK for one piece – but it´s worth it. And we live just once, right? Buns in Artic Bakery are huge and covered in the most delicious icing. Cinnamon love at first bite.

Artic Bakery Cinnamon Bun

Pekárna Praktika

Location: Bělehradská 990/66

Opening hours: 8:08 – 18:08

Previously mentioned cinnamon buns are totally different from these ones. Treats from Praktika are smaller and denser. They have a bit more sour taste (but not in a bad way), they have this interesting zing in them. You can enjoy them as a take away treat or eat them in Praktika. Local staff is always very nice and welcoming. We also love local filter coffee and all the breads (from the highest quality ingredients). Buns (and other sweets like doughnuts, brownies and tartalets) cost 50 CZK.


Those cinnamon buns of your dreams are waiting for you. Go, go, go, dear readers and let us know which place is your favourite!

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