The Beauty of Vítkov Hill, a Former Mausoleum of an Infamous Communist President


Vitkov hill Prague view.

Vítkov Hill is one of the best places to go to if a nice view over Prague is what you aim for. It makes a nice walk up the hill and the view is more than rewarding. It is just a few bus stops from the city center. You will get there either from Karlín or Žižkov quarters. The closest public transport stop is “U Památníku”. Climb, walk, run or jog up and enjoy the skyline!

Vitkov hill prague panorama

Vitkov hill view

And a little bit of history…

There is a National Monument on top of the hill with a statue of Jan Žižka. Žižka was an important Czech general who won an important battle against Rome Emperor Sigismund on this hill in 1420. The whole Žižkov area surrounding the Vítkov hill is named after him. The monument was built between 1928 and 1939 in functionalist architecture style in honour of the Czechoslovak legionaries. After 1948, however, it served for promoting the communist regime and even a mausoleum of Klement Gottwald was situated here.

Vitkov hill Prague monument

Vitkov hill


Today, you can see a Ceremonial Hall and various exhibition halls inside the monument. If you want to learn something about Czech history, you can visit an exhibition dedicated to crossroads of Czech and Czechoslovak statehood. There is also a nice outdoor workout area if you feel like completing your workout for a day on Vítkov Hill. Both monumental and romantic, this place is a great option for walks all year round.

Vítkov hillVitkov viewVitkov Hill Prague


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