Stromovka, One Of The Most Popular Parks In Prague

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Stromovka holds a very strong position among the best parks in Prague. Prague is blessed with many parks and the largest one is Stromovka. It is located on the edge of the Prague 6 borough. Stromovka is an ancient and beautiful green space that has lots to offer all year round. Firstly, it is one of the best parks in Prague to go for a walk. It also looks beautiful on a cold clear winter’s day or in late spring, when the trees are in full bloom. Furthermore, a walk in autumn, when the park is a blaze of reds, oranges and yellows, is equally stunning.

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Today, this vast park is very much a public space. In the Middle Ages people called it the Královská obora or royal enclosure. It belonged to the crown. We can see the evidence of this long history in the Neo-Gothic structure Místodržitelský letohrádek. It is located on the western edge of the park. The present structure which you can see there dates from the 19th century. It replaced the original 15th-century lodge built during the reign of King Vladislav Jagellon, but the name letohrádek (hunting lodge) lives on.  It now houses the National Museum’s periodicals collection and unfortunately, you can’t go in. However, you can go on its terrace which offers a beautiful view over Prague. As other parks in Prague, Stromovka gets very lively with various festivals and events.

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Another clue to the past is the entrance to a water tunnel that runs under the park and Letná Park. It then emerges at the River Vltava below Letná. You can read more about about Letná Park in our older article. The tunnel was built during the reign of Habsburg Emperor Rudolf II. In order to give you a bit of insight, we need to say that Rudolf was a mysterious monarch who turned Prague into an important centre of the arts and sciences. Rudolf II. involved himself in many projects, including the water tunnel. Originally, Rudolf planned to use the tunnel for supplying water from the River Vltava to the fishponds which he planned to create in Stromovka. The tunnel used to be open to the public until the devastating floods of 2002. Calls have been made to re-open it. 

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Stromovka offers a wide range of recreational opportunities for active visitors. To start with, joggers love the many paths and tracks. When the weather is good, you’ll see inline skaters everywhere, as Stromovka is one of the most popular parks in Prague for in-line skaters. In winter, you might spot some cross-country skiers and ice skaters if it is cold enough for the ponds and water courses to freeze. If there is lots of snow, watch out for children (and adults) on sledges. To sum up, Stromovka is a great place to unwind and escape the bustle of Prague for a while all year around. Finally, enjoy our little autumn Stromovka gallery!

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