Are You A Booklover? Come To Strahov Monastery’s Library

We thought it would be nice to take you to a beautiful and at the same time culturally significant place from time to time. And we hope that we’ll motivate you so that you’ll want to come and see it with your own eyes! :)

This time we’ve chosen Strahov monastery’s library. It is located just a few tram stops away from Prague Castle. The easiest way to get there is to take the 22 tram (from the stop closest to Prague Castle) and get off at the stop Pohorelec. From there it’s only a couple of steps away from the impressive architectonic landmark, which the monastery certainly is. It was founded in the 12th Century by a Bohemian bishop, but the wooden building burnt to the ground only a century later. And so a new, Romanesque building was put up, and this became an integral part of the Prague skyline.

What interests us the most is the library. It’s a paradise for bookworms and we bet you that no book lover will ever want to leave the place. There is an entrance fee for a tour of the library and the adjacent exhibition. And you can even ask for permission to take photographs and videos. By the way, just as a point of interest, there are 200 000 volumes containing approximately 260 000 scientific works, and they are waiting for you in the library. A substantial part of the library comprises old publications from the 16th to 19th Century, and the safe-deposit boxes store manuscripts much older than that.

Strahov Monastery

The first things to catch your eye in the library will be the two breathtaking halls – Theological and Philosophical. Both have ceilings richly decorated with frescoes, radiating quaintness and grandeur. The Cabinet of Rarities is also worth a visit, as a sort of predecessor of the Museum of Natural History. Here you’ll find a collection of insects, minerals, archaeological findings etc. The entire “museum” is dominated by a facsimile of the Strahov gospel, which is dated back to the years 860-865.

So if you feel like admiring the beauties of Czech history and culture, apart from seeing Prague Castle and other magnificent Czech landmarks, don’t forget to visit the Strahov monastery and its renowned library.


Strahov Monastery's Church


Philosophical Hall


A Statue

Theological Hall




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