Spanish Synagogue – Surprising Exotic Beauty In The Centre of Prague

Some time ago we posted article about old Jewish Quarter in Prague. It definitely is one of the most interesting places to visit in the city. Get ready, it will many times hit your emotions hard while discovering history of Jews in Czechoslovakia. But this post we want to devote to architectural beauty of one of the main buldings in the quarter – The Spanish Synagogue.

The Spanish Synagogue

The Spanish Synagogue was built in 1868 on the site of the oldest Prague Jewish house of prayer (“the Old Shul”). The synagogue is most remarkable for the elaborate style of the interior, every surface is covered by elaborate Islamic-style polychrome and gilded patterns, some painted and some carved or molded. The building is owned by the Jewish Museum of Prague, and is used as a museum and concert hall.  Despite its name, the synagogue was never used by a Spanish or Sephardic congregation: it was in fact an early Reform temple.

The Spanish Synagogue

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