Souvenirs You Will Actually Use, Love And Cherish

Let´s face it. Souvenirs you can find in the city centre are not the most original and interesting pieces you can bring home from Prague. You deserve something more. And so does your trip to Prague. That´s why we have written down tips on places where you get your hands on souvenirs that smell and feel good, are useful and fun.

Perfumed Prague

It´s all about scent business. In Perfumed Prague you can make all your fragrant dreams come true. Studio was opened by Olga and Borys who will help you create tailored perfume or candle. At first you tell them what you do for a living, what you like and prefer when it comes to scents. Then you choose ingredients you like (f.e.: mango, musk, black pepper, sea salt, figs,…) and try different ratios. Then owners will create final product out of them. And you can be sure no one else in the world will have the same one. You can even choose name for your scent. Fun, right?

Liška mazaná

Petra and Tereza are girls who care about quality ingredients, great products and cozy atmosphere during their workshops. Which workshops? Cosmetic ones. Liška mazaná organise workshops during which you learn how to create skin cosmetics and make-up. Face water, body butters or mineral make-ups. You can bring them (and more) home and give them to your loved ones. Or don´t tell them and keep them to yourself. Considering excellence of products we think second option is the best. Dates of workshops are to be found here.

Lípa Store

Presents with a touch of Czechia. With love. One creative Prague´s couple fights against kitsch of souvenirs. And they are fully armed. They create and distribute unique products labeled as Lípa. Porcelain bowls, wooden boards, duffle bags, diaries, posters, syrups and way more. And they have something for everyone. Have a nosy.


Feeling like books you can´t get in ordinary bookshop? PageFive is there for you. It´s young bookshop and publishing that specializes in selling and producing art publications, prints and artsy magazines. You can find books about art, design, architecture, photos or poetry. Most of them are in English. And if you go to PageFive, be sure to visit Bistro8 which is right across the street and have a coffee and cake.

Kašmidaš and Papelote

Are you into stationery? Diaries, pens and other stationery pleasure are no longer needed but wanted for sure? Prague is the right place to be. Stationery heavens are called Kašmidaš and Papelote. In both you get quality, original and (more or less) useful pieces. Papelote is the one for you if you like more minimalist things, Kašmidaš if you are into prints, patterns and colours. But we recommend both.


Having another tips on mind? Please let us know. We are still hunting for something special and fun.


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