Something For Your Soul And Body: Yoga Places In Prague

Still keeping up to your New Year’s “Healthy” Resolutions? Working out? Eating healthy? We´ve got you covered even though you are out of your town. If you want healthy meal, have a look at our article about avocado toasts (because avocados are nature’s gifts full of nutritions). If you want to move your hips, have a look here on our post about places where you can dance like nobody’s watching. Now it’s time for some yoga. Yoga is beneficial for your soul and body, making you more flexible, strong, stress-free and energized. And here is a selection of places for yoga in Prague which we love, visit and make our ashtangas happen.


Small and beautiful studio in the centre of Letná. You can order a lesson one week before and if you have Multisport card, you don’t have to pay. If you are a paying yogi, you pay about 200 CZK for one hour long lesson. There are lectures for everyone – beginners as well as pros. We recommend Friday´s Yogilates which is a combination of yoga and pilates. Pretty hard but totally awesome and beneficial. Visit Jóga Letná in the morning and then go for a breakfast to some of local cafés, f.e. Café Letka, Bistro8,… Because you have to reward yourself for moving and waking up early.

Yoga in Prague


Close to Coffee Room (and its avocado breads) is Karma Yoga. This studio is our favourite. Great if you consider ratio price and quality. For one lecture you pay 160 CZK. If you stay in Prague for longer, you should consider ordering (at least) three lectures for which you pay 100 CZK per lecture. Good deal if we may say so. We love their morning (smoothly) dynamic yoga lessons because they are great way to start your day. And if you look for a challenge, reserve Power joga with Maruška (Sunday evening and Wednesday evening).


Vinohrady, Smíchov, Chodov. That’s where you can find House of Yoga. You can choose which branch is closer to your apartment and go there. Dům jógy is not the most stylish place for yoga in Prague. Rooms in which you work out look like regular gym (without equipment of course). Yoga rooms in previous studios look more yoga-like and calm. Good thing about Dům jógy is there are many lectures which are not fully booked most of the time. You often don’t need a reservation. In House of Yoga you can try hot yoga or aeroyoga as well. Hot yoga is yoga exercised in a heat of about 40 degrees and will definitely make you swear. During aero yoga, you will work out in the air. Great for your spine and soul.

Yoga in Prague

Where do you like to do your yoga movements? Any tips which studios we should definitely try?


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