Smetanovo Nabrezi Will No Longer Have Any Car Traffic On Saturdays!

Smetanovo nabrezi (Smetana’s Embankment) is one of the most favourite spots for many Prague inhabitants and tourists. Along the River Vltava you can enjoy walks on sunny days, relax on benches or have a lunch or coffee on terraces of bars and restaurants. It is also the location of some of our best Prague Apartments with stunning views of Prague Castle. If you are planning to come to Prague and book your accommodation in our Old Town Prague Apartments,  you will have an advantages of one of the best view on Prague castle! Apart from the beautiful visual experience from your windows, this spot is very busy and pulsating, full of live and strong atmosphere of the city centre. 

Prague Castle from Smetanovo nabrezi


In 2013, the municipality management has decided to close the embankment for cars on Saturdays. Trial run of this new legal regulations was placed in the zone  between National Theatre and Charles Bridge for six weeks in May and June 2013. On Saturdays, only pedestrians, cyclists and trams were allowed to enter. Map view of Smetanovo Nabrezi

Calming of automobile traffic was welcomed mainly by managers of popular embankment restaurants as well as people who come to enjoy the view of river Vltava, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. Anyway, after this trial period, the management of the capital evaluated the project and decided the regulation would not be kept permanently.
View from one of our Bohemia Apartments on Smetanovo nabrezi

And what do you think? Should the car traffic be allowed on Smetana embarkment and particularly to whole city centre? 


If you are interested in apartment accommodation on Smetanovo nabrezi in Prague, check our Charles Bridge Apartment No.3Charles Bridge Apartment No.4 , Charles Bridge Arpartment  No.5 or Charles Bridge Apartment No.6 and enjoy this beautiful location!


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