How Should I Book – Directly Or Via Agency?

When looking for your apartment rental stay and searching the web, usually you use google when putting some words as “apartments in Prague” etc. to check the first couple of results or you go directly to some familiar website you already know to search the best apartment offers there. After you make some bookmarks, notes, compare prices, locations and apartment rental conditions, you talk to your family and friends and finally decide to make a booking somewhere.

It is logical that you make the booking on the web where you feel save and comfortable and where you get all the info what you are looking for. But today there is many quality websites  so how do you decide where to book? What about to check and book your apartment stay directly from the apartment owner website?

This article summarizes online travel agency booking websites pitfalls and disadvantages you should be aware and compares it with booking websites of direct apartment owners or managers. It  shows advantages of making the bookings directly with apartment owners.

Who do you trust more? Online travel agency or your future apartment provider? Think this way: we are living in a cruel and bussy world today, so why not to have a reliable partner on your travel with whom you meet on your check-in anyway, doesn’t matter where you reserve your apartment stay. At least this costs you less time and problems since you don’t need to use a mediator.

The biggest advantage of an online travel agency is the visibility on the web and therefore also a huge apartment rentals  offer. But the first search results showing you the most famous booking sites doesn’t mean there is no website of the particular apartment rental provider. The reason why owners webistes are hidden more than others is the fact, that the owners specialize mainly in accommodation services but online travel agencies are specialists in “to be visible on the web”.

Since the internet is rapidly spreading the world and the technology is much more available to anyone, there is many apartment provider websites coming today, with the top quality informations, even with a better user experience than some online travel agencies. And this difference is going to be smaller and smaller.

Below you can see main differnces between online travel agencies and direct apartment rentals providers:

OTA’s Disadvantages

disadvantage big catalogues with 100’s of apartments (quantity x quality)
disadvantage booking fee to online agency
disadvantage long response time (they need to contact apartment provider first, then contact you etc..)
disadvantage  availability issues (the availability is updated first in the owner’s web than in OTA)
disadvantage overhelmed  – too much informations, you can’t find what you want
disadvantage too many room & rate types and packages – how to orient in this?
disadvantage  aggressive call to actions – “the apartment was booked  minutes ago, last room left, hurry up..”


Advantages – Direct Apartment Rental

advantages quality apartment rentals – they are proud of  it!
advantages NO booking fees
advantages direct communication with the manager/owner from the early stage of booking process
advantages personal meeting on arrival
advantages comprehensive and updated info about the apartment rental
advantages extra presents or surprices for bookings made via owner’s website
advantages early customer care (arrangements of transfers, birthdays, weddings, romantic stays etc.)


We at Bohemia Apartments Prague are building strong interpersonal relationships with our customers so we want to encourage you to start the relation already at the beginning of your searches for a suitable apartment. You can gain even more than you expect!

So again – who do you trust more? Online travel agency or your future apartment provider? This answer is certainly up to you and it depends on the point of view.. Anyway,  the life is too short to think so long so let your heart beat and follow your instincts. Just bear in mind, we love our customers and we are working hard  to make you feel happy so we are sure you will love us too :-)


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