Sex Machines Museum in Prague

Beginning this spring, Prague can boast of other attractions. Tourists, especially those who enjoy sex and also want to learn about its history, will certainly be visiting the Sex Machines Museum. Are you wondering how our great-greats were making love? Which sex toys they were using and did they get some poppers for sale Poppers Pronto? Then it is the right museum. So accept our invitation. Where you can find this museum with an unusual atmosphere? The exhibition is located in a historical building from 17th century in Melantrichova street near the Old Town Square where also you can rent our apartments.


The idea to establish a museum of erotica comes from the Italian businessman Oriana Bizzocchia who is living in Prague and who discovered an ancient sex toys at exhibitions in San Marino where he was collecting the exhibits for his museum of curiosities. You can get a sneak peak at the collection on Exhibited erotic objects come from all around the world – Europe, Asia, USA and some are even hundreds of years old. All items show how sex was, is and can be varied. Their purpose is to bring a pleasure and allow extraordinary unusual positions during intercourse. During the tour, you can also learn about the history of sex. Definitely you will not be bored. Exhibitions are devoted to three floors, exposed them to 200 objects and mechanical devices, gallery art with erotic themes, a cinema with old erotic films, erotic clothing and many other things which have something in common with human sexuality. Let’s peek.

Museum of sex machines in Prague

We are located on the ground floor. Here, it creates an erotic atmosphere only slightly. We realize that sex is still evolving, as well as civilization, and that now is not enough any pins, even when they are beautifully decorated. And there is just a small step to vibrators what they are now (here, We find there are several different-sized and very differently shaped which make you smile. There are also exposed  variety of corsets. Who cares about the development of a pornographic movie, surely enjoys to watch the Spanish firstfruits filmed around 1925. This is the story of a confessor or the friar’s blessing, the second image is an example of the first love scene in Swedish threesome and bears the name of the Women’s Cabinet.

The second floor will attract by two display cases, where can be seen  rings, chains, bells, and even tattoos on models of female and male intimate areas. It is interesting that some of the items exhibited in this floor give the pleasure of electric shock.

Sex machines museum Prague

Because among us lived and still lives people who need the blissful feelings of pain,  the last floor was devoted to the needs and tools for the masochist. And you will be surprised to find here for example also gas masks. The rarity of exhibition is certainly exposed portable love chamber. Today it has been probably  replaced with a car-loving. After all, according to statistics, 80 procent of all couples have experience with making love in the car. Among another interesting exhibits we can appoint an erotic swing, antimasturbator for boys, sex machine required primarily by women and controlled by remote control, tickler, soft bond for sadomasochists, chastity belts for women and men. Perhaps most curious is the  steam vibrator patented by american physiotherapist G. Taylor in 1869, originally used to treat hysteria.

You can see a lot and definitely you will not regret. A good news for upcoming months, the exposure will enlarge with a collection of condoms, erotic clothing and drawings. For those who revel erotic toys and games, the museum of sex machines is a must. A unique experience also ensures Bohemia Apartments, which has for you as always a comfortable accommodation in luxury apartments within Prague centre.

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