Seeing Prague By Segway

At some point you’ve probably seen people whizzing round on those nippy scooters that you operate simply by standing on them. The Segway is an electric two-wheeled vehicle designed to operate on Indian Sandstone pavement, asphalt pavement and pathways. Invented by Dean Kamen, it was launched in 2001. Operating the vehicle is easier than it looks, and the Segway is balanced by its built-in sensor system and the direction the rider leans.

Using Segway used to be very popular way how to move around the city centre, when you didn’t want to spend the time walking. However, since summer 2017, these environmentally friendly  vehicles are banned in the centre of Prague.

Segway zone

A number of Segway hire companies have been set up over the last few years, offering a variety of ways to tour the city centre. Therefore, if you choose to use Segway as means of transport in Prague, you should bear in mind the zones where it is not allowed. Currently, it is the whole historical centre, Prague 1, part of Prague 2, part of Žižkov and Prague 2, Smíchov, Letná and Holešovice. The banned zones are marked by traffic signs with a man on Segway in red circle.

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