Sea Of Lights In Prague

Sea of lights. New technologies. Outstanding ideas. Unbounded creativity. Gleaming Prague. All these expressions are connected with one – The Signal Festival of Light. It came true between 17.-20. October 2013 and it was an amazing event. You can look forward to it next year again.

Old Town Square, Signal festival


The historical centre of Prague became a shiny attraction for four days. Czech and foreign audiovisual artists created light installations, which took the breath of all visitors of the Festival. They deployed the light installations trhroughout all lacations of Prague Old Town and they dazzled the passers by a remarkable light show.

It was the first Festival of Light in Czech Republic. It’s very original and unique thing. I’m sure you have been already to some music or film festival, but this festival works in really different way. There is no timing of shows, so everyone can arrive when he wants. All light installations were turned on at 7:30 pm and they were shining until 11:30 pm. So during this time you could make a magic walk around the city and you didn’t have to be scared that even a single beam could miss you.

Signal festival

The walk was really long, but also very beautiful. The light led you from the St. Ludmila’s Church across the Petřín Tower and Wenceslas Square to the Dancing House and Jan Palach’s Square. You could see the playful Living Silhoutte, the mysterious House of Shadows, the magnificent Signal Column, etc. Who wanted to go to the metro station Florenc, he could try how it is to stay right next to the Sun; of course in the miniature version. Especially this attraction was the favourite one. Its author, Michal Cimala, said: “It’s amazing confrontation between unthinkable dimensions and the giant power of the Sun.

The Festival of Light did not offer “just the light”. There were also many interesting conferences and workshops, e.g. about “light contamination”. It came up during the festival and it was really passionate discussion. And what about you? Do you prefer the dark of the nature or the lighting of the city?

It was magical. Prague changed to the luminiscent show for four days, but still it was decent. The magical play of lights just underlined the beauty and mysteriousness of this city.

Do you want to experience the Festival of Light too?
For year from now it will be here again!

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