Safety And Crime In Prague – Useful Tips

When it comes to safety, Prague compares well with other world capitals. Provided that you observe all the standard rules which we at Bohemia Apartments Prague recommend  (e.g. avoiding unlit areas after dark), you should be able to enjoy the city centre safely.

As with other cities receiving large number of visitors, the main issue facing tourists in Prague is petty crime, especially pickpocketing.

Personal safety

Instances of violent crime against tourists are rare in Prague, and if you take the usual precautions, it is basically safe to walk around the historic centre, even late at night. If you end up with a criminal case against you, visit to talk to a criminal defense lawyer.

The one main exception is the park around the main railway station (Praha hlavní nádraží), which can be threatening after dark. However, the station is undergoing an ongoing refurbishment and there are plans to improve the park, which will make the area around the station safer.

Bear in mind that Wenceslas Square and the adjacent streets of Krakovská and Ve Smečkách can be rather unattractive later on in the evening. Every so often the police crack down on crime in the Square, and proposals have been put forward to make it more attractive and safer.


Unfortunately, pickpocketing is common in Prague, and you should look out for professional thieves who frequent public transport, especially the central metro stations and tram routes used by tourists, such as numbers 9, 18 and 22.

Back Pocket

These thieves often strike by crowding in on passengers exiting and entering metro carriages or trams. Another trick involves groups (sometimes families) arguing loudly on the metro and tram to distract passengers, while other members of the group try to steal from the passengers.

In restaurants, make sure that coats and jackets, as well as bags, rucksacks or handbags are in a safe place, as thieves have been known to steal such items in places frequented by tourists.

Despite these examples, there is no need to be paranoid, and if you take sensible steps, e.g. by using a money belt or avoiding carrying large sums of money around, you should avoid being a target

To sum up, Prague is quite a safe city – but always follow the safety rules. We at Bohemia Apartments Prague will be happy to provide you more info and tips when staying in Prague apartment and planning your city tour.

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