Quirky Easter Traditions In The Czech Republic

Easter is surely primarily a Christian holiday but in the Czech Republic, everybody likes this holiday. Meanwhile Christians mainly cherish resuscitation of Jesus Christ, both believers and non-believers have traditions they keep on top of that. Different regions of Czech country have their specific traditions. Let’s have a look at some of them. They are usually pretty awkward but that’s the point. Few fun and quirky traditions coming your way!

Colouring eggs

Eggs have always been a symbol of new life. Tradition of colouring eggs is very old – comes from old Egypt and Rome. Earlier women coloured eggs in water with natural products – onions, beets and stuff like that. Now you can use artificial colourings but return to nature´s basics will always look the best, we think. Coloured eggs are divided between boys and men who visit ladies on Easter morning.

Whipping (Yeah, you read well.)

We don´t know that many girls and women who are in love with Easter. Why? Because most of its fun parts belong to boys and men. On Easter Monday men visit their girlfriends, mothers, daughters, friends, neighbors and more women relatives and acquaintances. They whip them – more or less (but usually more because they can) – with a braided willow or locust tree branches. This is called a willow whip. It is supposed to make all those ladies healthy and happy all year long. OK, sounds reasonable but still… it hurts. As a reward for that they get either something sweet, coloured egg, money or drink. Depends on preferences, age and other standards.

In some (but unfortunately not that many) regions on Tuesday girls visit boys and do the same thing to them. Revenge time!

easter in prague

Pouring water over head

In some regions boys don´t braid willow branches and they “keep it simple”. By which we mean they just need water and bucket. For what? They fill a bucket with water and pour it over girls´ and women´s heads. Again this is done for the sake of  youth, strength and making women healthy for the upcoming spring season. However, we are not sure this argument is strong enough.

Fasting for 40 days

Spring calls for detox. Of mind, body, closet etc. Czech people, and mainly our ancestors, took it very seriously and managed to keep their body “clean” mainly from meat (except fish) and alcohol. Sweets and too salty things were not very heavily eaten as well. On the other hand people are free to eat lentils, bread, cabbage etc. Very simple but amazing and delicious ingredients. This tradition is not that strong at the moment but we know few people who try to detox before Easter food overload.

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