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Most distances in Prague city centre are pretty much walkable. However, if you plan to get a little further than the Old Town Square and see what else Prague has to offer you, you will probably use the public transport. See the information below to have a smooth and pleasant travel around the city!


There are 3 metro lines in Prague: A, B and C. Line A is marked green, line B yellow and line C with red. They are all intersected in the city centre. Transfer stations are called Můstek (A, B), Muzeum (A, C) and Florenc (B, C). The metro is in operation approximately from 4:30 AM and the last train departs at midnight from each end station.

Although Prague underground is not as entertaining as for example its Stockholm or Berlin counterparts, some of the stations are definitely worth having a look. Most of them were built during the former regime, inspired by Soviet architecture. See more about the metro architecture in our article Prague Metro – A Tourist Attraction In Its Own Right.


Trams and Metro in Prague


There is a dense tram network in Prague. Approximately 30 lines marked with numbers from 1 to 26 (plus temporary lines) run through the city centre as well as to further areas. Trams are in daily operation approximately from 4 AM to midnight. After that, the special night operation takes place.

Low-floor trams are guaranteed on all tram lines during the daytime, marked with a wheelchair symbol on stop timetables (the same applies for buses).

During summer season, you can be lucky and catch a special nostalgic Historical tram line no. 41 which goes through the centre and can take you directly to Public Transport Muzeum.


If you arrive to Prague by plane, your stay begins at Vaclav Havel Airport. Using public transport is quite convenient way how to connect to the centre of the city. The buses operate quite frequently and the journey takes approximately 35 minutes. Choose between two options: either you take bus no. 119 and change to metro line A at Nádraží Veleslavín, or you decide to take bus no. 100 and change to line B at Zličín station.

There is a special Bus AE (Airport Express) line providing direct interconnection between the Main Train Station and the airport (with zero stops in between), only during the daytime (from 5:30 to 22:30), in 15-30 minutes intervals. Special tariff applies to this line: standard fare is 60CZK, with 50% discount for children.

For more detailed information about traveling from the airport, see How To Get From Airport To Your Prague Apartment?


In Prague, you dont have to worry about being immobile during the night hours, at least around the centre. All night trams (51-59) are in operation from 12 PM to 4 AM. They all stop at the central interchange station, Lazarská, that is located near Wencelas Square (Václavské náměstí) and Charles Square (Karlovo náměstí).

Most of the lines are pretty similar to their daily variations, but don’t get tricked! Some of them may have different routes, so pay attention. There is nothing worse after a good night out than being woken up by the tram driver at a terminal station; in the middle of nowhere, far away from your cozy bed.

Night Operation in Prague



In order to get to the Petřín Tower, you are not obliged to climb the hill. You can conveniently use the cable railway, and save your energy for a nice walk down the hill instead.


Taking metro or using the bridge are not the only ways to cross the Vltava river. At some places, you can take a ferry connection and enjoy a different perspective on the city. There are seven ferry lines in total, marked P1-P7.

In the centre, you can enjoy two of them: one between Pražská tržnice and Rohanský ostrov, which takes you from Holešovice to Ostrov Štvanice and Karlín quarter. The second one connects Rašínovo nábřeží (very popular place to hang out during warm days) and Smíchov embankment.


Same tickets are valid in all means of public transport (excluding the non-standard lines such as the Airport Express or Historical Tram). The tickets need to be validated before entering the metro station or right after getting on the tram or bus, using the yellow validating machines.

Automatic vending machines are placed in every metro station and on some tram stations as well. Make sure to have enough coins with you when using them; machines accepting credit and debit cards have been already tested in Prague, but at this moment, having them on every corner is an issue of the future. Cards are usually accepted in tobacco shops around the city, where bad credit loans and tickets are sold. Still, accepting cards is simply not a rule, and we reccommend to always have some cash with you.

Alternatively, you can pay for your ride by SMS. It is simple as this: a text message „DPT 32“ or „DPT 24“ needs to be sent to 902 06. Per return, you will receive an SMS ticket back to your phone. Be aware that you are allowed to begin your journey only after receiving your SMS ticket. If you do so before, you are at risk of getting a fine. Instructions to buying SMS tickets are usually placed on the doors of every means of public transport, or on the tram stops.

Click here for more information about tickets.


Basic fare is 32 CZK for 90 mins or 24CZK for 30mins ride.

For several nights stay buy a 1-day ticket (110 CZK) or a 3-day ticket (310 CZK). In case you are planning to spend even more time in Prague, go for a transferable pre-paid time ticket for 670 CZK per month.


Special conditions apply when you want to travel with your bike. For more information check this page. Also, taking your pet with you is a subject of some basic conditions, such as having them secured in a carrier or wearing a muzzle. If you want to be sure about this point, you can easily check the conditions here. For a luggage greater than 25 x 45 x 70 cm, a special fee applies; the ticket currently costs 16 CZK.


There are no turnstiles in means of Prague public transport. Make sure to have the right and validated ticket every time you enter any public vehicle. Having your ID with you is also a good idea, in case you are obliged to present it to an inspector. If you are being controlled you can always ask the inspector to show you their authorization documents. Never pay any money without seeing a proof of their authorization! 


Planning to get to your desired destination is easy with this journey planner on the website of Prague Public Transport. This site works very well on all electronic devices, so do not hesitate to search for your connection on the way. For more convenient use you can download an app for iOS or Android.


The most popular timetables app is definitely IDOS. You can download it in English for free, plan your journey comfortably and even watch in on the map.

App Store

Google play

Check our previous article Top Smartphone Applications To Get Public Transport Timetables In Prague!

In case you are still in need for more information, you can visit one of the Information Centres on Můstek, Prague Main Station, Anděl, Hradčanská, Nádraží Veleslavín, Prague City Hall or Vaclav Havel Airport. Or keep searching for further details on The Prague Public Transit Co. Inc. website.


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