Where To Definitely Go When In Prague: Tips From Locals, Part 4

We are back with a fresh dose of tips from locals. You can find previous batch here and if we may advise, go have a look later. But before that read about four places which five of local Prague lovers love and will never stop visiting.

Café Tvoje máma

Magdaléna, 43 years old

Few months ago a new café was opened in Vršovice. It is situated on the corner of Holandská street where many cafes had tried and failed. Café Tvoje Máma is different and will – hopefully – stay forever and ever. It is a place where coffee smells like a dream, where local cakes have no competition and staff makes you want to come back. Oh la la, I had been dreaming about this for so many evenings. Morning coffee is a miracle here. And breakfasts? Perfection. Try the big one for 125 CZK – it consists of different salty and sweet components – avocado bread, yoghurt with granola and sausages (or banana bread if you are a vegetarian). This and cappuccino or batch brew from beans by Candy Cane Coffee will make your morning unbelievably good.

The Museum of Decorative Arts

Teodora, 31 let

My place of choice is The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. I had not been the biggest lover of art but this place converted me. It collects and preserves perfect examples of historical and contemporary crafts, as well as applied arts and design. It shows amazing exhibitions everyone will choose from. There has been an exhibition of Koudelka´s photos which are epic and tell strong historical stories. Also an exhibition about new Czech Vogue is there but unfortunately ends soon. Entrance fees are different from one to another but usually are around 200 CZK for an adult. Worth every crown if you ask me. Enjoy a bit of culture and history in this Czech museum.

Petřín and Kynského Garden

Michal, 37 years old

I live in a busy part of Prague called Smíchov. From time to time I need to escape from the city rush and Petřín and Kynského Garden are perfect for that. Truth is, the upper part with observation is pretty busy and filled with tourists but the lower parts are usually oasis of peace. I love to sit next to a small and cute lake, read a book and drink coffee or tea. Perfect way how to act like I am not in the metropole. And the view? One of the best in Prague.

BeerGeek Bar

Richard, 24 years old

Beer lovers around here? Great, go check out BeerGeek close to Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad.

Owners love crafted beers from smaller breweries. They drink beer everyday, make their own under label Sibeeria and choose the best ones to their bar. You can choose from around 30 beers on tap and more than 500 bottled ones. Beers come from the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Poland, USA and more. So keep calm and drink beer. Preferably in BeerGeek Bar.


That is all from our four Prague residents. Next round of tips is coming soon to the blog. If you happen to visit any of these places, please let us know if you like them as much as we do.

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