Where To Definitely Go When In Prague: Tips From Locals, Part 3

We had created this series to give you tips from locals who know their city the best. First part is here, second here. Now read this fresh piece and stay tuned for more to come!


  • Peter, 29 y.o., Barista

When my Erasmus friends come to see me, they love exploring Prague´s centre for a few days. Then they beg me to take them to the wild. You know, closer to trees and fresh air. That’s when we hop on tram number 26 and take it to the last stop. Divoká Šárka is a nature reserve on the northwestern outskirts of Prague. There you can find really peaceful atmosphere. You are surrounded by nature and beautiful views. And you don’t even feel that you are so close to a buzzing city. Divoká Šárka is a great location for picnics, walks with (dog) friends and just overall chilling and relaxing.

divoká šárka


  • Kamila, 29 y.o., FB ads specialist

Few months ago a new chicken place was opened on Milady Horákové Street. It’s called PIPCA and it´s true heaven for roasted chicken lovers (aka me). I’ve been visiting since the beginning and I don’t intend to change that anytime soon. Local chicken is the best and comes from the better farms. Nice staff and pleasant design are adding to the experience as well. Comparing to Ambiente´s Grills, it´s 100 % a winner – in price, quality and taste. PIPCA, you´ve got 5 stars (or chickens) out of 5.



  • Milan, 19 y.o., student

We (as me and my girlfriend) are the biggest fans of movies and cinemas. But we are not so keen on big multiplexes which are not very welcoming and, well, boring with its super expensive popcorn and everything. AERO is the one we love. It´s a smaller cinema situated on Biskupcova Street, Žižkov. It has nice outside space where you can chill before or after the movie, have a glass of beer or wine, talk to people and just feel excited because the magic of filmmaking is right there with you. Lots of movies are played in English (with subtitles or without) so don´t worry about not understanding. Enjoy!


And that´s a wrap, guys. Let us know, if you tried some of these places and liked it (or not). Thanks!

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