Prague Pneumatic Post

Today’s time is too hectic. We complain that we do not have time for anything, not even to communicate with our loved ones. Many defend and justify – after all we have cell phones, faxes, emails, skype etc. . Do you think the future is also in a pneumatic post? Apparently so. Did you know that is faster than a courier? Bohemia Apatments Prague brings more info in this article. By the way the Prague pneumatic post has 120 years!

Let’s return to the beginning of the Pneumatic Prague Post. The first route was known as early as 1887, but resulted only from the main post office in Jindřišská street post office for today’s Small square in Old Town. Only later was extended to the Prague Castle, the length exceeds 5 km. Originally used for business purposes the Prague pneumatic post was opened to the public until 1899.

Jindřišská street post office

The Post Office on Prague’s Jindřišská Street

It mainly sent telegrams, later the letters were added. It was used also by many banks, the Office of the President of the Republic, the Czech News Agency etc.. Other routes were created especially between 1927 – 1932 and transported tens of thousands of cases a month. At the end of World War II it was also used to supply the besieged building of Czech Radio. Even in the 90ties of the 20th century it was used for transport by post around 9000 cases a month but the traffic weakened.The end of the Prague pneumatic post made devastating floods in 2002. There has been flooded 5 of 11 underground engines and also a substantial length of the post pipe.

For those who are keen on geocaching (read our previous article (Geocaching In Prague) and are looking for some caches in Prague, try this cache with the name Prague Pneumatic Post. You can experience to see the parts of the pneumatic post in some branches of the Czech Post in Moravska street, Italska street and Karlin square.

Next time Bohemia Apartments will tell you how the pneumatic post works. Meanwhile book yuor apartment in Prague and do some geocaching, tour or just enjoy the city!

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